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Description & requirements

ATTENTION (08/08/2017): This product is necessary to play the remastered version of StarCraft and must be purchased separately.

Starcraft Anthology is the compilation of two of the most played and acclaimed titles of Blizzard. This is the real-time strategy game, or RTS, StarCraft and its Brood Wars expansion.

History will place us in a distant future, where the newly created Terran Dominion faces the arrival of two hostile alien races: the savages Zergs and the enigmatic Protoss. To deal with these two threats, we must create bases, collect resources and expand our armies with an enormous amount of war units.

In addition to the original game, this product also includes StarCraft: Brood War which adds many new features in the game, such as the three new campaigns that take place after the original StarCraft. Prepare your defenses, recruit powerful armies armed with the latest Terran technology and get ready to enjoy an epic campaign. In addition, we will have multiplayer modes where we can select any of the three races and face opponents from around the world in incredible fighting across the sector.

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Good old days days game.. really legendary.. :)

January 17, 2016
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StarCraft Anthology won’t get matchmaking after all

After Blizzard made StarCraft free ahead of August s launch of the fancied-up StarCraft Remastered official site they had said they planned to add Remastered s new matchmaking and ladder to the free version too Yes StarCraft had no matchmaking oooh the olden days Blizzard have changed their minds Matchmaking will not be added to the free old version after all as it supports cross-version play with Remastered and Blizzard say they worried it d end up being abused by griefers That s a bummer but hey it is a free game visit site to read more…

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