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Description & requirements

Revelation Online Deluxe Pack is a package that contains a great amount of bonuses and in-game objects for the new MMORPG Revelations Online. This package includes: Access to closed Betas and early access to the game, prior to launch. A month of premium status, with which we will gain more experience and raise our character faster. A unique blue title called "Revelation Explorer". In addition to Imperial Livery Outfit, which is a unique skin. In addition, it also includes a lot of in-game objects, such as: An exclusive mount, Gold Rank Ground Mount. And some exclusive wings, Gold Rank Wings. A Scroll of Exploration, a Scroll of Wisdow and a Scroll of Combat. These scrolls will give us for 90 days a series of benefits as an increase in the speed of movement for both us and our mount, so we will can explore this fantastic world in a faster way. It will also give us an increase of wisdom, so we will get more experience in the missions and killing enemies, so raising our characters will be easier. And the scroll of combat, with which we will can enter up to 5 times a day in instances and dungeons, indispensable if we want the best gear of the game quickly. It also incorporates a Starter Pack, which includes an initial package to begin our adventure, which will grant us: Level 20 extra legendary weapon; Level 20 legendary armor; Depleted phlogiston (15); Magic elixir (10); Permanent 'Start of the Road' title; Moon Deer mount (7 days); 18888 gythil. We will also have access to Decisive Force XP Pack, a Fashion Pack, and an Emerald Experience Pack. This Deluxe Pack includes a huge amount of objects that will be very useful to start without problems our adventure in this new MMO of oriental style.

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I want this deluxe pack bad lol

December 26, 2016
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