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Game of Remedy, creators of Alan Wake successful title, which is presented as an experience that combines TV series and video game, with events and consequences between the two. Dominates time to survive to the present ... and save the future. From the creators of Alan Wake and Max Payne reaches Quantum Break, revolutionary entertainment experience halfway between the game and television. With Quantum Break the world will discover a new generation of entertainment that grabs you, only possible on Xbox One

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Finally Its access to pc from microsoft

March 05, 2016

Un mystère ce jeu, mais ce qui est sur c'est qu'il est beau ! J'ai hate !

January 28, 2015
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news & articles

Quantum Break, Master Chief Collection and More Coming to Xbox Game Pass in September

Xbox Game Pass is getting new games throughout September including Quantum Break Halo The Master Chief Collection and Onrush Microsoft has announced that Quantum Break and The Master Chief Collection both major Xbox One console exclusives Quantum Break was also released on the PC are coming to Xbox Game Pass on September Onrush a vehicular combat game was released this June and comes from Codemasters which hired many of the developers from the now-defunct Evolution Studios Expect Onrush to hit Xbox Game Pass on September Continue reading…

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Remedy: Alan Wake and Quantum Break Can't Get Sequels Without Microsoft Approval

Alan Wake fans have been waiting a long time for a proper sequel but they may never get one and that goes double for Quantum Break fans The reason according to developer Remedy Entertainment is Microsoft doesn't want to make them Considering our history Alan Wake was really interesting but it was a collaboration with Microsoft Due to certain reasons it never got a sequel Remedy CEO Tero Virtala told GamesIndustry biz Quantum Break also we put a lot of effort into creating the world the characters the stories but still it was Microsoft IP They decided not to take…

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Control Is Like a Supernatural Quantum Break

Yes Remedy s first multiplatform game since Max Payne shares a lot in common with their ambitious cinematic action-adventure Quantum Break No that s not a bad thing It s most welcome in fact as it feels like a spiritual sequel but with a tighter focus Oh yeah and supernatural powers too You play Jesse Faden played by Quantum Break s Courtney Hope the new director of the Federal Bureau of Control She s been promoted there in the wake of the death of the previous director and with that promotion comes certain abilities which will be useful in defending…

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Quantum Break, Alan Wake Dev's Next Game To Debut At E3

Quantum Break and Alan Wake developer Remedy Entertainment will announce its next game at E the studio has announced The project which has been codenamed P will release on PC PlayStation and Xbox One under a new publishing agreement with Games The developer has also indicated that it will be using the Quantum Break engine again and bringing it to PS for the first time since the studio's games have been Microsoft-exclusive for several years As first reported by PC Games N and confirmed by GameSpot this will be a first-look at the game but it will be hands-off for…

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Xbox One X Far Cry 5 Bundle with Extra Controller and Quantum Break for £460

Like me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter for the latest deals Xbox One X TB Far Cry Bundle with Extra Controller and Quantum Break for Continue reading…

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Bugged visuals mar Quantum Break's impressive Xbox One X upgrade

Out of the many Xbox One X upgrades we tested during the preview period Quantum Break was one of the most intriguing featuring the choice between p and ' K' modes - both a leap over the base Xbox One's p - along with enhanced detail Visually it offered a night and day improvement over the existing version of the game moving more into line with the PC release running on mid to high-end hardware There was just one problem - performance The good news is that frame-rate problems are essentially a non-issue in the final release but the bad…

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trailers & gameplays

Quantum Break Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 FULL GAME - No Commentary FULL STORY

Quantum Break Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 - Time (XBOX ONE)

Quantum Break Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - The End of Time (XB1 1080p HD)

Quantum Break | 26 Minutes of Gameplay | HD 1080p