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Overwatch Widowmaker Noire Skin (PC) Key

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Attention: Remember that you must have Overwatch installed in your account. You can access our list to buy Overwatch at the best price.

You can buy the Widowmaker skin for Overwatch and activate it directly into your Battlenet account. Widowmaker is the perfect killer: patient, relentless, efficient and without scruples or remorse. This product offers an exclusive character skin for this hero of the next big hit of Blizzard. A massive multiplayer battles with all kinds of heroes await us in this multiplayer shooter Blizzard wich Beta hosted more than 9 million players around the world. Fun, addictive and a perfect optimization, allowing play this title midrange computers. Remember that this product is a DLC or extra content for the original game, so you need the base game Overwatch in your Battlenet account to activate it. Do not forget to check the information in each store before buying this product.


nice :D

May 20, 2016

Esta es la skin que mas quiero de mi main por el echo de que esta hermosa y es exclusiva pls espero ganarmela me encanta el pelo y el latex que tiene con color negro y rojo


Very good skin highly recommend you getting skin very good skin very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good


One of my favorite skins in the whole game for one of my favorite heroes. I just really like it. It makes Widowmaker look much more like an assassin


This skin is so amazing. It has the colors of the black widow spider and some cool details here and there. This is one of the best skins in the whole game without a doubt!


The skin is amazing. Amazing skin, amazing character, damn... Only if I could find it cheap................................................


Best Skin ever! I love Overwatch and I love widowmaker! The skin is the best skin of widowmaker I've ever seen! I wish I have it but 60€ is to much

January 23, 2018

Great skin.

September 09, 2016

Best Games of 2016 for me

July 10, 2016


May 23, 2016