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Neverwinter: Scourge Warlock Booster Pack
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Neverwinter is an MMORPG with thousands of players around the world and recently just recived the Boost Pack for even greater gaming experience. These content packs are ideal for both new and old players, and Warlock Scourge Booster Pack contains: Erinyes of Belial, which is a partner with melee attacks and healing powers, also starts from rank one but can be increased to level 30. Fated Pact blade, a blade with a strong attack power and life steal, with a Greycloak's Insignia enchantment already slotted. Fated Cloak and Hood of Fate, a group of hooded and coat featuring bonus critical strike, life steal and defense. An ancient grimoire that offers power, crit and liefe regeneration, along with Greycloak's Insignia. A bunch of scrolls, skill kits, boost XP and other supplies to help us in our adventure. Greater Bag of Holding, a bag with 24 slots, and the title Master of Fate.

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