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Monster Hunter: World arrives at Xbox One next January 26th, and will give us the opportunity to get into the shoes of a monster hunter. Our main mission will be to seek and hunt fearsome beasts in an open and persistent world, where any decision we make will change the ecosystem in which we move. 

A lively and vibrant world full of beasts, monsters and animals of all kinds and where we must stand out as the best hunters. We can embark on this adventure alone or in cooperative mode, along with three other friends to hunt the world's most dangerous beasts.

Monster Hunter: World continues to maintain the system of creation and progression based on the skills of this franchise, so that we can evolve our hunter to become the greatest hunter of all time, in addition to the more beasts we hunt, before we can face greater challenges. 

It is also necessary to emphasize the system of loot, so that after finishing with our enemies we can capture valuable resources that we will be able to use to create the definitive weapons of hunting, to equip ourselves with better gadgets and costumes, new armor, and in short a complete system of crafteo based on resources collected from the fallen beasts. 

The use of the land can be used strategically in our favour, so taking advantage of the environment and its resources will be decisive in the toughest battles. 

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Let me just start off by saying that price is so cheap i dont even need to convince youto buy it, 10/10 game with good co-op play and lots of fun with combat too it's dynamic

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Monster Hunter: World's Iceborne expansion slides onto PC in January 2020

If you had hoped to cuddle up with a blanket cocoa and Palico this Christmas in Monster Hunter World s Iceborne expansion bad news it won t be out on PC by then Capcom yesterday narrowed our winter release window down to January Iceborne s console launch will be on September th so pllllrbbb This is a shorter delay than we waited for the base game s PC release four months rather than six but it s still on the disappointing side of the Christmas holidays more…

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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne PC Release Date Window Narrowed

Monster Hunter World's big Iceborne expansion arrives on PS and Xbox One this September but PC players will need to wait a little longer to jump into the DLC Capcom had previously said Iceborne will release on the platform sometime this winter but now the publisher has narrowed that window down to a specific month On the official Monster Hunter Twitter account Capcom confirmed that Iceborne will launch for PC via Steam early next year in January No specific date was pinned down just yet but at least we now know when we can expect the expansion to arrive on…

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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - New Monster Impressions and Gameplay

Subspecies aren't totally new to Monster Hunter World but they're making a comeback to the series in a big way in the upcoming Iceborne expansion We recently got to play the beginning of Iceborne and some of the first few monsters we faced were three brand-new monsters Nightshade Paolumu Coral Pukei-Pukei and Viper Tobi-Kadachi They may look familiar but these subspecies are more than just a reskin We also noticed at least nine exciting quality-of-life improvements in Iceborne but continue on to see gameplay of each new monster with hands-on impressions and comparisons to each of their parent species Continue…

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One of the joys of last year's Monster Hunter World was how it introduced a whole new audience to the charms of Capcom's long-running series - that delicious loop of combat conquest and then popping back home to craft a new set of trousers out of whatever giant beast you just felled so you can go back out to the wilds and do it all over again There's another part of that loop though that's just as essential to it all - the part where you're humbled by a new beast that appears at the top of the food chain…

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