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Kingdom Come Deliverance for PS4 is a new RPG, whose release date is scheduled for February 2018, which will introduce us to a very realistic medieval world, without any fantasy, simply crude medieval reality. 

One of Kingdom Come Deliverance's strong points will be the combat system, one of the most realistic we have ever seen, both in terms of combat styles, character impacts, movements and fluidity, as well as the weapons we use to influence attack speed or damage generated by their weight and other factors. We will be able to wield swords, arcs, among many other weapons, in one-on-one confrontations and large-scale battles. It should be noted that the development has been carried out with the powerful CryEngine 3 engine, so the level of detail and physics are guaranteed.

We are situated in the middle of the Middle Ages, a time of constant agitation, brutality and conflict. We will begin as a young warrior with whom we must fight and evolve. We will have three classes available with different abilities: A warrior, expert in melee, a rogue, master of stealth and murder, or a Bardo, with whom we can charm and persuade our enemies.

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