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Attention: This edition of Jurassic World Evolution is for Xbox One and may be available in different formats, physical or digital, depending on the store where you buy it. Please note, that it may also include a regional lock in the case of a digital copy, so we recommend that you read all the specifications in each of the stores.

Jurassic World Evolution is the new installment of the legendary film series and in this installment we will be in charge of ensuring that everything goes as it should in the islands of death. 

Among our tasks, we will take care of the different operations that we will have to carry out in the park and take care of the security so that the dinosaurs do not eat any absent-minded tourist. We may also build parts of the park to be dedicated to different pathways, such as scientific, entertainment, or safety-centered interests.

The park will be filled with bio-engineered dinosaurs, so they are smarter than usual, and they feel and react very intelligently to the world around them. We can even design our own dinosaurs and provide them with different skills, behaviors, traits and unique appearances.

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