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Before you buy Guild Wars Complete Collection for PC, you should know that...

Guild Wars Complete Collection is a game that will allow us to enjoy all the content of the first installment of this famous MMORPG. The key or cd key must be activated on the official NCSoft website, simply by accessing our account and entering it in the "Add code" section.

Guild Wars Complete Collection includes:

  • A password for creating an account
  • Access to the full original version of Guild Wars, Guild Wars: Factions and Guild Wars: Nightfall, so we can access everyone, campaigns and missions available.
  • We will also have access to Guild Wars: Eye of the North, although we must first have a level 20 character.
  • Access to the Guild Wars: Eye of the North Monuments Room, where we can win exclusive Guild Wars 2 prizes.
  • It includes a bonus series of Guild Wars Game of the Year Edition: As seven exclusive weapons and a firefighting ally that will help us in our adventures through the vast world of the first installment of Guild Wars.

You can enjoy the entire Guild Wars universe in all its splendour, with thousands of players, epic combats, unique equipment, skills and weapons, monsters and massive bosses, enjoy exploration and much more. A title that includes the entire gameplay experience of this first installment of one of the most famous MMOs of all time.

Comments and reviews

I love Guild Wars, is a great game for those who like playing with others on some occasions, or playing alone. You can even make new friends playing this game.

November 30, 2019

Guild Wars is a great game for those who like playing with others on some occasions, or playing alone at others. The story will give you an option of running with AI NPCs or real people if you have friends or guild mates playing. The world is beautifully rendered, the music is great, and there's a huge choice of builds to play with. It's well worth a look for a little gaming nostalgia, or if you missed out the first time.


I love guild wars complete collection. This is so cool.I am guild wars fan.I hope you choose me.I been guild wars for a long time. I just miss those days.

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