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Description & requirements

Important: In the price comparison for the Xbox One version of GTA V, you will find two versions: A digital version, which can be in account or key form, and another physical version.

Which version of GTA V for Xbox One to buy?

The digital version offers the game at the moment, that is to say, in few minutes after the purchase you will receive the code in your mail that you will have to enter in your Microsoft account to proceed with the download. The account format, simply enter some access data, such as username and password, in an account that already has the GTA V, so you simply have to download it to our Xbox One. In addition, digital versions of Xbox One games are always cheaper than the physical version.

The physical format of the game will take longer to arrive, at least a few working days, but you will get the box with the game inside, rather than a simple code.

In this fifth installment of the famous franchise, the action will take place in the city of Los Santos, a vast and sunny metropolis full of life, and where we will enjoy a freedom, both movement and action, never seen before in another game. GTA V would put us in the shoes of Chico Vialpando, a guy who has everything: money, women, sports cars and fame, unlike his cousin, Leo Johnson, who plays with the Los Santos gangs. 

Our aim will be to prevent our character's cousin from getting into trouble with the mafias, street gangs and other underworld ilk, although to do so he must sacrifice his usual lifestyle and join the scum of the city. A long awaited delivery whose launch comes for the new generation consoles and for PC with a small graphic remodeling.

Comments and reviews

GTA 5 is a really great game. The story, the scenery, everything is good. You can have so much fun with friends in online, and you can use mods in singleplayer to have great fun.


the story, visuals and open world is fenomenal. there is so much to do in the single player and when u finished it you can go for hours and hours in the multiplayer. Modding the game is also alot of fun :)


This is one of the greatest games ive played since 2013 the graphics look insane and its full of entertainment . I would recommend this game to anyone


A great game of action and I think simulation beacause you feel like the character of the game and you can do many things, like stole banks, etc...

August 23, 2017

Best game

April 22, 2017


July 28, 2016
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