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Description & requirements

Update 30-10-2018: Fallout 76's beta will begin on October 30th and during November 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th, Beta key holders will be able to enjoy first hand the new Bethesda title. Remember to read the minimum requirements and recommendations, which have already been released, to get the most out of this new adventure in the Fallout universe.

Update 07-08-2018: Fallout 76 will initially be exclusive to the Bethesda website, not Steam, so we'll need to create an account and download the game from, as will Rockstar and its GTA V. Later it may come to Steam, but since its launch it will only be available on Bethesda's website.

Fallout 76 is Bethesda's newly announced next game, set in its successful post-apocalyptic universe and will take us back in time between Fallout 3 and Fallout 4.

Currently, little is known about this new Fallout release, but rumors are that it could focus on the multiplayer player, while retaining its RPG roots. Other rumors indicate that it could be a game more focused on survival in the purest Rust style, with similar mechanics but always with the special touch of bethesda that we are used to in the franchise.

Fallout 76 will have missions and history, like previous releases, but will be heavily multiplayer focused with construction mechanics and many other survival mechanics, typical of the genre. What is certain is that it will be distributed through Steam, so remember that it is essential to have an account on this gaming platform.

We will be progressively updating the information as more data on the next big RPG of Bethesda in E3 2018 becomes available.

Comments and reviews

Mas de 20 años hace que empece a jugar a esta saga y no para de sorprenderme. Espero que no paren nunca, ya que las cientos de horas de diversión están aseguradas


He jugado todos y cada uno de los juegos de la saga. Creo que es una de mis favoritas. Espero que este ultimo siga en la misma linea. Cuantas horas de diversion por delante...


I tried the BETA : great game to come ! Huge map, lot of activities. Graphics are awesome. An immersive world to explore with your friends !


loved the beta so just bought the special editon game is just as good as fallout 4 the way you can team with friends it really good in some fights i would reccomend if you love fallout get this


Promete mucho este nuevo Fallout, con ganas de probar ese multijugador, perdidos en el yermo y a lo que surja. Siempre atento a nuevas noticias de otra obra maestra de Bethesda.


i have bought the beta key lets see how this plays out fingers crossed. love all fallout games hope its as good as ive seen on youtube videos

October 30, 2018

I loved all fallout games and I bet that this one is going to be another masterpiece, from all the screenshots they showed us you can already tell how big and amazing this game is

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