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TOP 3 REASONS TO BUY Escape from Tarkov FOR PC

1- One of the most exciting multiplayer shooters today.

2- A challenge for the most demanding players, since when you die you lose all your equipment.

3- Enjoy a game system that follows in the wake of MMOs.

Escape from Tarkov INFORMATION


Escape from Tarkov is an addictive and frenetic third-person shooter with RPG mechanics that works within the MMO genre, since it has impressive online multiplayer games. A title that resembles other greats like Counter Strike, taking it to a different level.


Transport yourself to the city of Tarkov in Russia, where anarchy and violence have taken over everything and only criminals and bounty hunters impose their law. Within this context, the player will be one of these mercenaries and, at the beginning of the adventure, we will have to choose a side: the USEC or the BEAR. The city is totally surrounded and sealed by the UN and the Russian army, everything is incommunicado and we will find ourselves alone in a ruined city plagued by enemies.


- Face players from all over the world in massive multiplayer matches.

 Get all kinds of firearms, explosives and much more as the game progresses.

- Every time your character dies, you will lose the equipment you had. Thus, the player must act in fear that there is a risk of losing his progression.

- The Left Behind edition of Escape from Tarkov offers a number of bonuses, such as experience boosts, extra equipment and resources, and early access to the launch.


You will find a price comparison in different stores of the standard PC edition of the video game Escape from Tarkov in Key format, to make it easier for you to find the cheapest price or the best offer.

Comments and reviews

i bought this game last week in one day i spend 11 hour into it with my friend escape from tarkov it kinda MMO game you fight with real player and not so you better get ready for it


BEST REALISTIC GAME has good mechanics,good gameplay,and the graphics are great.i recommend this game for those who like realistic survival games


10/10 will probably shot my friend in the face again by mistake and laugh about it. Fun solo aswell just beware of the bush campers, they be nasty little buggers


Love the game style, Its gameplay is great and the graphics are not bad. I would suggest trying this one out, with what its priced at you are getting your moneys worth.

April 20, 2020

I really want to give this a shot! Looks great and I've heard good things about it. Look forward to trying ti myself instead of just watching videos :)


i will never play anymore fortnite that game is so bad and i spend lot of time, so is the time to try this game how i can see its looks good!


Very good survivor game, only if you have patience, there's more running and looting than action, so if you like fast games don't even try it!


I really love this game so much there is a lot positive energy in this game Its realistic and there is a lot of fun I would really like to get this game


This game is pretty neat. I went to my friends house and he let me play it for like 20 minutes before he snatched the keyboard away from me but it was a fun 20 minutes


Escape From Tarkov is a very realistic and very good game. The graphic is really good,fun,and i love because there are so much weapons. Recommended to people who like survival games.

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