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Elite Dangerous The Legendary Edition

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Elite Dangerous The Legendary Edition is a pack containing the original Elite Dangerous game for PS4, Season Pass (called Elite Dangerous: Horizons) and 1000 frontier points.

Elite Dangerous is one of the most ambitious and immense spacecraft flight simulators ever created. The strength of this title is that the entire galaxy where we move, the Milky Way, has been recreated to life size with tens of thousands of solar systems and planets to visit, although of course, we can make use of the hyper-motor to move at speeds greater than light to shorten distances.

We can choose any of the available professions, as warrior, miner, pirate or simply perform missions with varied objectives to get more and more funds and improve our ship with new pieces and armament.

This version for consoles has been improved over the PC version, and has added a more direct and competitive massively multiplayer mode in which we will face players ships from around the world.

Another strength of the title is the number of ships and armaments available, each with its pros and cons as well as material storage capacity, anchorage for weapons and devices, and the electrical power needed to use our brand new equipment.

The Season Pass, called Elite Dangerous: Horizons, will allow us to land on the planets and explore them for natural resources that we can later sell on space stations to earn more credits.