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The month of April we will be able to enjoy the new Dragon Quest Heroes 2 for PS4, a game that mixes action and RPG in a masterful way, and that the result is a game full of real-time combat where the weapons, spells and more horrifying Monsters meet in a fantasy world

In Dragon Quest Heroes 2 we´ll embark on an epic adventure in the company of our group of heroes through lands full of enigmas, secrets and treasures of incalculable value. But these treasures are surely guarded by imposing creatures that we will have to face with our immense arsenal of weapons, spells and abilities that will be very useful to obtain them and to annihilate any enemy in our step. It has a multiplayer mode, in which we can unite with up to 4 players to face the most demanding challenges of the game, but remember, the greater challenge will be the reward that we´ll get, so it looks for good friends and coordinate In the best possible way during the fighting.

In this new installment, we will have a large number of playable characters, each with its own characteristics, combat statistics, unique abilities and weapons, that will adapt perfectly to any form of game, either being an imposing warrior specialized in combat at close range or a powerful wizard casting spells from a distance.

Another of the most outstanding novelties is that we´ll can transform ourselves into a monster and fight as such, making use of new abilities unique to each transformation.

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