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Description & requirements

Dragon Age 3 : Inquisition is the third installment of the hit RPG from BioWare , Dragon Age. One of the new and most impressive features of this new release is the huge world that was created , offering us a level of exploration and unprecedented possibilities in the saga. Also enjoy a stunning graphical level thanks to Frostbite 3 graphics engine. All our story happens in the world of Thedas , where a cataclysm has plunged the land into confusion. Dragons darken the skies , invoking terror shadow over the kingdom that once was peaceful . Wizards start a merciless war against oppressive Templars. Nations rise against each other. Ourselves and our small group of companions must restore order as leader of the Inquisition , hunting agents of chaos. We can explore caves , grotesque creatures face , and go to develop and evolve our heroes , as the dangers and challenges ahead will require all our expertise. Also the title is designed so that every decision has a unique impact on the world .

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