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1- An action RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world.
2- Explore dying territories in search of the New World.
3- Create your own customized weapons with all kinds of modifications.

WHAT IS Biomutant ABOUT?

- Transport yourself to a post-apocalyptic world in this action RPG that combines melee combat with martial arts and shooting. 

- The tree of life is dying and your whole world dies with it. The clans enter the most absolute chaos and only a hero will be able to unite them and find the New World where they will be able to inhabit all.

- Enjoy a complete melee combat system with which you can use all kinds of Kung-Fu techniques combined with various custom combat moves.

- The item crafting system allows an infinite number of options when it comes to customizing your creations. Each item will consist of different elements and pieces that you can combine to your liking and allow you to make all kinds of crazy mixtures with lethal accessories.

- Equip yourself with different outfits to go into contaminated areas or scorching heat. It is important that you have the right equipment or you could die in this kind of places.

- Explore a vast open world full of beautiful locations, subway dungeons, incredible treasures and fearsome enemies that will constantly stand in your way.

- Every decision you make will somehow influence the development of the game and can change the ending of the story in one of its multiple conclusions.


I just dont understand ... whats wrong with the normal sized weapons ... I dont want to play with paddle damn it :) unrealistic and super stupid