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Description & requirements

ANNO 1800 is the next title of the Anno de Ubisoft franchise, which will place us in the middle of the 19th century, at the time of the Industrial Revolution, which we must take advantage of to lead the world.

We are at the dawn of the industrial age and the path we choose for this century will define the future of the world. We can be an innovator and bet on science and development, an explorer and reach new worlds unknown until now, a tyrant and oppressor leader, among many other styles of play and that will shape the world in which we move. 

We will start with practically nothing, and little by little, through trade agreements, investments in new technologies, political decisions and many other factors, we will create an industrial empire that will take us to the top of the modern age. Our only objective will be to build an empire that will stand the test of time.

An innovative gameplay in the Anno series that will offer us endless possibilities and endings in our race to glory.

Comments and reviews

The game graphics are beautiful the story line also, i watch a lot of videos of this game and i want to buy it when i has money for it! I also recomenned this game for everyone!!!


The game graphics are beautiful the story line also, i watch a lot of videos of this game and i want to buy it when i has money for it! I also recomenned this game for everyone!!!

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news & articles

Anno 1800 Is Currently Absent From Ubisoft's New Subscription Service

Uplay Ubisoft's new subscription service launched yesterday on PC giving subscribers access to the company's entire library of over games The service got off to a rocky start with server overloads causing issues for many but Ubisoft has now solved most of these problems Uplay subscribers launching the program are encountering another issue altogether Anno is nowhere to be found Released back in April the latest game in the city-building series is the reason many subscribed to the service in the first place Due to technical reasons Anno will not be available on Uplay at the launch of the service…

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Anno 1800 has a demo, but only for one week

Ubisoft have launched a week-long demo for Anno the latest in their city n empire-building game You ve got until Monday to play a Victorian coloniser wearing silly hats and ruthlessly exploiting resources and people for capital gain And in the game It is weird for a demo to be limited in both quantity and time given how many week-long full-game trials we see these days but Anno is a worth a look more…

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Anno 1800 Review - Hidden Figures

At the heart of any European town founded before the th century lies a church It's the same with Anno At the center of your city sits a magnificent cathedral its spectacular steeple reaching for the heavens and illuminating the lives of everyone who passes by It s a very beautiful church but it s hiding something At the heart of Anno lies an intimidating and complex financial simulation It may seem like you're overseeing the rise and occasional fall of a European-style city as it comes of industrial age But really you're juggling numbers thumb wedged in the accounts…

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Anno 1800 Review

Once I got over how ugly my budding villages were going to look if I wanted them to be efficient and profitable Anno sunk its teeth into me The hours flew by as I ignored its many automated suggestions that I should step away from the computer for a break This seventh iteration of the long-running village-management series goes back to its origins trading in the futuristic setting of the last two entries for the more traditional sails Schnapps and sugar cane The change of setting doesn t instantly make it better by itself but it is refreshing and supports…

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Wot I Think: Anno 1800

Developer Blue BytePublisher Ubisoft Release Out nowOn WindowsFrom EpicFor After playing through Anno s early game a few times I m one of those ghastly bastards who tends to compulsively restart if things aren t going exactly my way I started writing a very different article to the one you are now reading The issue was I hadn t realised I was playing the early game at all I had the feeling I d seen the lion s share of what there was to see and was ready to pack up and write something along the lines of great fun…

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Anno 1800

Anno Lead the Industrial Revolution Welcome to the dawn of the Industrial Age The path you choose will define your world Are you an innovator or an exploiter A conqueror or a liberator How the world remembers your name is up to you Publisher Ubisoft Release Date Apr…

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trailers & gameplays

ANNO 1800 - Ep.06 : ISLAND EXPANSION! (ANNO 1800 Full Release Gameplay)

New World Colony in Anno 1800! (City Building Gameplay Challenge)

ANNO 1800 | Ep. 1 | Building Capital City Begins | Anno 1800 City Builder Tycoon Sandbox Gameplay

ANNO 1800 | Ep. 01 | New Empire is Born | Anno 1800 City Building Tycoon Sandbox Gameplay