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In this new installment in the Alien saga, called Alien: Isolation, we will discover the true meaning of horror and survival. Unlike previous installments of the Alien series, in Alien Insolation we will suffer constant tension. It is survival horror game, and not the typical shooter which we are accustomed. It's been fifteen years since the events of Alien, and Ripleys daughter, Amanda, is involved in a desperate battle for survival when he embarks on a mission that will allow you to find out what really happened to his mother. Helpless and unprepared will have to fend for resources, improvise and use the brain, not only to fulfill its mission, also to stay alive.

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Big time ps4 gamer! I want this game so badly! No job so no money because of 2 recent major surgeries. 17 years old living in Connecticut

November 26, 2014
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news & articles

Alien Isolation Dev Is Teasing Its New IP Again, And This Time In A Very Roundabout Way

Creative Assembly the same developer behind Alien Isolation has further teased its brand-new IP The tease came out in a very roundabout way with Creative Assembly responding to a tweet by film director Neill Blomkamp that was probing Twitter in search of people who work for Epic Games A brand-new IP from Creative Assembly has long been known about--with the studio first mentioning it in a November tweet--but there still hasn't been confirmation for what it is Rumors for the new IP first started in January when Player One reported new job listings for a lead technical artist lead system…

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New Alien game looks like Alien: Isolation for phones

Alien Blackout stars Amanda Ripley and of course an angry Xenomorph Continue reading…

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Observation is like an arthouse accompaniment to Alien: Isolation

When they're chalking up the greatest games of this generation my belief - though maybe it's more of a hope - is that Alien Isolation will find its place amongst the more predictable choices A extended slice of slow-burn horror and a smart piece of sci-fi it's one of the rare occasions when a licensed game matched up to the source material For my money it's the single best Alien experience since the series' s prime Forgive me then for getting a bit excited about Observation because it's what some of the team behind Alien Isolation did next Well in…

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Alien: Isolation Is Still An Unmatched Horror Experience

When it comes to video games portraying the atmosphere and tone of its film influences Alien Isolation is in a class of its own Translating the Alien film series into a unique horror game focused on persistent terror as opposed to fleeting cheap thrills this survival horror experience channels a sense of dread and slow-burn tension that forces players to respect the very thing that stalks them Though its reception at launch was met with some polarizing responses--including from GameSpot's former reviews editor Kevin VanOrd--and along with modest sales this comparatively unorthodox take on the Alien franchise became a favorite…

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trailers & gameplays

Alien: Isolation 1080p Full HD Longplay Walkthrough Gameplay No Commentary

FIRST ALIEN ENCOUNTER! - Alien Isolation - Gameplay Walkthrough - Part 5

Alien Isolation Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 - Ripley (PS4)

Alien: Isolation - Gameplay - Part 1 - (Playthrough / Walkthrough ) - SO DAMN EXCITED FOR THIS GAME!