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Is Skull and Bones worth buying?


What should you know before buying Skull and Bones?

The new pirate adventure from Ubisoft!

The game we're going to talk about today is one of those cursed cases where an eternal development has made us unsure of what to expect. More than 10 years since it was announced, numerous changes in the release date, constant changes in its gameplay... But what can we find with this game?

Well, it's very simple, a multiplayer action and adventure game that will take us through vast seas and multiple islands full of mysteries and challenges. Certain parts of its appearance and gameplay may remind you of the popular Sea of Thieves, but Ubisoft seems to want to distinguish itself from this title by betting on its own formula, one of the reasons why the game has seen countless changes during its development.

The naval combat system is the highlight of the game, featuring a wide variety of ships, weapons, and other enhancements that will allow you to experiment with the perfect combination that suits your playstyle. But remember that all ship classes have their weaknesses if you know how to counter them. Strategy will also be taken into account, as environmental factors can affect the mobility of your ship.

We will also have a story that transports us to the Pacific Ocean and, although it brings an element of land adventures and feels quite elaborate, its characters feel generic and may bore players looking for a narrative adventure.

It seems that with this game, Ubisoft wanted to take the pirate world approach further than we already saw in Assassin's Creed: Black Flag. Its immense development could give us an excellent action game with spectacular naval battles, but it could also be a broken puzzle of mechanics that have been sewn together without following a defined pattern. I must mention that we can be optimistic seeing that Ubisoft is trying to change course to regain the trust of players, something we saw in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown. However, until the 16th, we won't definitively clear our doubts.


How can you get Skull and Bones at the best price?

There are numerous stores selling the Ubisoft Key from €42.22!

If your decision after reading the introduction is that you want to buy the game to try it yourself, we have several recommendations for you. The cheapest option we have records of at the moment is from the Kinguin store, which offers a Uplay Key for the price of €42.22 (excluding taxes). This store is one of the most reliable ones selling games in digital format, with a rating of 4.5/5 on Trustpilot.

If we talk about our users' favorite option, it's Instant Gaming store, which also offers a Uplay Key for €47.19. However, both recommendations are European keys that cannot be activated outside this region, so you may also be interested in the option from the Gameseal store, which has a Global Key (without regional restrictions) for the price of €43.19.


What format is the best to buy Skull and Bones on PC?

Save money by buying the game in its digital version!

The most recommended option to buy Skull and Bones is the Uplay Key, a combination of numbers and letters that you can redeem on the Ubisoft Connect platform (formerly Uplay). Redeeming the key is very easy, as you just have to activate the product in the store, and it will be added to your personal account.

The Key format is much cheaper than buying the game directly from Ubisoft, as the price difference is almost €20 based on the cheapest offer we have recommended in the section above. However, it's true that the price could be better, as if you have patience and wait a few weeks after the release, the game could drop in price much more. It's up to you to decide!


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