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Analysis and opinions about the Difmark store


Whenever we evaluate stores to include in our game price comparison, we consider several parameters, such as reputation, product guarantee, the reliability it inspires, among many other factors. But sometimes, due to insufficient information, especially for new or recently emerged stores, we have to take other values into consideration.

That was the case with Difmark approximately 3 years ago when it entered the market. Due to the competitiveness of its prices, we felt compelled to include it in our comparison.

Difmark is a digital game store, more focused on selling accounts than keys or codes. We won't delve into the legality of the account format as that's not our focus here. Our goal is to address the most frequently asked questions about the Difmark store: Is Difmark a reliable store?


Is Difmark a Reliable Store?

After 3 years of working with them, we won't deny there have been complaints and some issues with a few users. However, it has by no means been a significant number of users for us to consider removing it from our comparison.

Moreover, when we receive a complaint about this store, our support contacts them almost instantly since we have direct communication with them. They typically resolve any issues within a few minutes.

Most complaints or problems arise because many users have purchased from Difmark, thinking they were buying a key when, in reality, they were buying the game in account format. However, this is not an issue with the store since they clearly indicate the format throughout the process.

So, answering the question, YES, Difmark is entirely reliable. While their support may not be the fastest, which is an area they could improve, our users know that by contacting us, any situation regarding online stores selling keys and accounts can be resolved.

We're not saying Difmark is perfect – no one is, and even we have shortcomings ;) – but it's not at all as negative as some comments you might read online. You can visit our Difmark page to see the pros and cons, as well as the latest comments about it.

If you encounter any issues, whether with Difmark or any other online game store, you can turn to us. In our 12 years of existence, we've resolved 99% of the incidents we've had with our stores. You can also check our FAQs for common problem resolution.


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