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Ironclad Tactics is a combat card game that will test our strategic mind in battles with steam powered robots. We will unlock war cards as we go on story mode, fully illustrated and as an interactive graphic novel. It features a cooperative mode to play with our friends or against them in skirmish mode online. The Blood and Ironclads is an Ironclads Tactics expansion, and where steam robots of America fully enter in Europe. This DLC will give us a new and exciting campaign, with eight new missions, two new armies and more difficulties. In addition, we can unlock up to twenty new cards belonging to the French and German army. A DLC that will give us more hours of play in this universe where war is won with steam robots.

trailers & gameplays

Ironclad Tactics Walkthrough - Blood and Ironclads - Part 1

Ironclad Tactics Walkthrough - Blood and Ironclads - Part 2

Ironclad Tactics Gameplay

Ironclad Tactics, by Zachtronics - Gameplay Trailer

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