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Albion Online Epic Founders Pack
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Watch Albion Online Epic Founders Pack trailer

Watch Albion Online Epic Founders Pack  trailer

From the following list of online shops you can compare the best prices for digital serial or cd key of Albion Online Epic Founders Pack, ie, the digital version of Albion Online Epic Founders Pack and downloadable directly from the official website of the game, Remember that this title is a digital edition, no physical version, so in a few minutes after receiving the CD key or serial of Albion Online Epic Founders Pack in your email, you can start downloading instantly from your account at the Albion official website. This package founder for Albion Online includes access to Level 2 of the closed Beta. 4500 gold coins. 60 days of Premium access, which will make us progress more quickly and more resources. The certificate and title of founder. An avatar silver ring, perfect for special identification. A complete new and noble avatar portrait, remember that the avatar is visible to everyone in the world, and provides your character with charm and presence. Epic Explorer team, consisting of a hat, tunic and boots. A telescope that we can put in our house and enjoy the view in Albion. In short, a package that will give us a lot of content and bonuses to make our task a little easier in the world of Albion. Remember that all stores we have listed in Gocdkeys have been tested by our users and our team so they are totally reliable, yet, we have a stand to solve any problem with any store, so please contact with us from the tab "Contact" and we will fix it.

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7 comments about Albion Online Epic Founders Pack


joaokmendes on September 12, 2016

I want this game so much beacause it's one most fun mmos and its very low spec so i can play on my laptop.


gabriel_naruto_13 on August 21, 2016

:D nice


Hotpapunxa on August 15, 2016

I want to play this game because its looks a lot of fun. Albion online looks like league of legends playstyle mixed with minecraft and mmorpg. I just love it.


kamouni56 on August 14, 2016

Hypee for this game :p


dario_sanchez_se on April 02, 2016



kymarigaming on March 07, 2016

Cant wait to play *-*


aa0004 on January 16, 2016

Albion gives the experience that a true mmo should give, because it has true pvp element. The founder's pack gives access to this wonderful game for a reasonable price.

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