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Watch SimCity 5 trailer

Watch SimCity 5 trailer

The city management simulator returns to the fray with this new delivery more spectacular than ever . Create the city of your dreams and take decisions that you think suitable for your citizens to achieve a comfortable and luxurious life. All decisions we make have direct implications for our Sims. Invest in your industry and economy grow , but at the expense of the health of your Sims as they increase pollution. Uses green technology to improve the lives of your Sims, but you risk a rise in taxes and unemployment. Every decision has its benefits and its negative part , so finding a balance is not easy. As a bonus , we can participate in global and regional competitions to be the richest city , the dirtiest , the happiest or simply the best place to visit. The only limit is your imagination , and your money funds. As in previous installments, we will also have natural disasters to devastate our city if we want to punish our citizens. It is a highly addictive game and you can hardly will satisfy all your citizens.

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