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Watch Redout  trailer

Redout cd key is a digital product and activated via Steam so you need to add it into your library of Steam games to start downloading the heir of the legendary Wipeout for playstation, Redout. This title is a racing game of futuristic vehicles, heir to legendary titles like F-Zero, WipeOut and Rollcage. It offers an experience fast, vibrant and with a sense of speed very successful, which gives it great realism. The physics of the game is very successful, giving the feeling of loss of control with each pan, tilt, braking and acceleration. The game is built with the Unreal Engine 4 so the visuals are impressive, with very detailed ships. It has a multiplayer mode where we can play against other players face in races up to 12 participants. It also has support to play in Virtual Reality, which gives it a unique feel. We´ll may increase level, improve our vehicle, increasing its top speed, among many other options, and even we´ll can customize our ships to make them unique. In addition to the basic improvements, we´ll can also improve turbo, increase the capacity of the shields, add modules auto-repair system advanced grip enhancers wake, and more. A vibrant and with a sense of speed very successful, which will delight the most nostalgic of the aforementioned game titles. Gocdkeys is a price comparison and does not sell anything directly, but we offer support to our users (through the Contact tab) to solve any problems that may arise with any of the shops.

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