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Watch Enemy Front trailer

In Enemy Front , the story revolves around Robert Hawkins, American war journalist who has traveled throughout Europe during the Second World War , in order to make known the bitter struggle of European resistance against Hitler's armies. This is a FPS (First Person Shooters ) with a graphic and awesome detail level , thanks to the powerful graphics engine and Crytek CryEngine 3 , the same as using the Crysis 3 . Enemy Front in Europe travel by helping resistance plans , so that the scenarios are varied, as are the types of missions that we move up . Different levels of infiltration, slow-motion sequences , the use of different weapons like the sniper rifle , fully drestruibles environments and more. We may sabotage targets and sneak up behind enemy lines causing all sorts of damage, or we can choose the hard way, face to face with the enemy. We have at our disposal a huge arsenal of typical WWII , with all kinds of weapons, from hand weapons , assault rifles , sniper rifles and all the arms of the resistance as Stan SMG , silenced pistol and Lightning SMG Welrod .

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