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Legends of Honor

Description & requirements

Legends of Honor is a multiplayer strategy game, or MMO, that will transport us to a medieval fantasy world in which three factions are faced by the control of zones and resources.

One of the highlights of the title is its strong PvP aspect, in which we will direct our hero of one of the available factions and that we will be able to evolve and improve as we´ll increase the level and obtain points of honor. In addition to our hero, we should also pay attention to our castle, fortifying its defenses and improving our armies before possible attacks by other players.

Legends of Honor was created by Goodgame Studios, responsible for the famous Goodgame Empire and Big Farm, so the game enjoys a similar quality, with many of the characteristics that have the best MMORTS on the market: We can centralize our efforts in the construction of the city, creating powerful defenses against our enemies and playing on the defensive way. We will be able to recruit dozens of units and troops to form the largest army that this fantastic world has ever seen . We will have a hero system that will allow us to improve it progressively to face us in PvP combat against other players.

Another of the strengths of Legends of Honor is the system of alliances between the players, since we will only have access to alliances associated with our faction, reason why the war between clans is guaranteed. We will also have a certain degree of exploration, since the game will allow us to travel across the map with our hero, access secret places and discover enemies on the battlefield that can be defeated to gain the valuable resources.

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