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Imperia Online

Description & requirements

Imperia Online is another free strategy game for the browser, which will transport us to a medieval time, where the management of cities and the collection of resources reach their maximum splendor.

All the action takes place in a world plagued by warlords and conflicting kingdoms. A game of strategy of construction of cities in which we will begin in a small underdeveloped province and that through our ability in the management, and our intelligence, will come to become a powerful kingdom.

One of the most interesting aspects of the title is that we will enjoy a degree of freedom to personalize the cities, creating unique cities in the world. Even so, the game mechanics are similar to other titles of the genre: Recruit different types of resources and invest them in buildings and infrastructures, while creating a large army enough to conquer other kingdoms and make us with their valuable resources.

The development of the infrastructure, the different buildings and our army takes place in real time, so we´ll must be very skilled to be aware of all factors at the same time, to enhance the collection of resources.

At Imperia Online we can also build long-lasting alliances with our neighbors and friends, exchange resources to meet the demand for certain products and join forces with our allies to gain control of increasingly large portions of the map and make us valuable resources to further strengthen our empire.

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