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Goodgame Empire

Description & requirements

Goodgame Empire is a strategy game in which we will incarnate the lord of the kingdom and whose main mission will be to create a prosperous and powerful castle, with all its economic and military institutions.

We will begin with a small village and a few crops on which we´ll must support to feed our small but growing kingdom. From here, it is when the authentic adventure begins, in which we will manage all the resources that we´ll gather with the sole objective of turning our small town into a great empire.

But the way to create a civilization or a kingdom that will endure during the time will not be easy task. We´ll must create a powerful armies to deal with all the threats that await us at Goodgame Empire, from enemy armies to other players trying to plunder our coffers. We can also use this army to expand our lands and thus gain more influence and power, as well as lands to exploit.

Another of the important points of Goodgame Empire, which gives a great depth to the title, is the economic and resource system, which we´ll must invest wisely in the production of new technology, buildings and troops. In case our resources are scarce, we can always form alliances with other players or wage wars with the aim of making us riches.

The basic fundamentals of this title are the same as any strategy game: Collect resources, mainly wood, stone and food. Invest it in the wisest way possible to increase the economic performance or power of our armies. And use our power and influence, whether through alliances or through the use of force, to conquer new territories and increase the prestige of our kingdom.

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