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Online Gold is part of the same MMOGA group and was one of the first stores selling gold for online games in Europe. With many experience years, now offers digital key for PC games, and like its german counterpart, Online Gold offers online games, virtual currencies, and cdkeys gamecards for Steam Games, Origin, Uplay and Battlenet. It has a large catalog with the latest games, and offer speedy delivery (between 5 and 10 minutes of time) and quite discounted prices compared to other stores. The customer service system is pretty good and have an online support chat in the same store. In Online Gold you can pay by: PayPal, Paysafecard, Mobile Payment, Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, Maestro, Giropay and Sofort Banking.

PayPal,Paysafecard,Credit Card... 5min. - 10min.

Comments and reviews

it's a good service with fast pace and easy step!!! I think it is a good choice for me!!!

March 17, 2020

Pretty too good for a deal, I'll try my best


I would like to know how they price the games so low


Just as in the description on the top, they are fast, offer competitive prices, and their support is top notch.
Despite what is stated below in a review, they ask for a phone number - but controversially they have no phone support, it wouldn't accept any number I typed in (country code or not, mobile or "analogue").
Instead, I had to print out and fill a form, THEN scan it just as my ID and provide a photo of myself with my ID, they do this to avoid PayPal scammers. It's something that other stores do as well, so no big hey-day, and they have handed me my key in an hour after this procedure had been done. And all this on holidays, so kudos for them!
Otherwise, delivery is near instant, unless stated otherwise in product description. A 5/5 for sure!


Good prices, fast delivery


Not enough details on keys they are selling.
It appears to based in Germany as the web address ends in DE.
The orange box is very cheap but what if it's censored for Germany .
No idea ,so didn't bother.

November 03, 2015

They asked for my phone number to confirm the payment after ordering. I'm sorry but I'm canceling the purchase, that information shall be PUBLIC and PREVIOUSLY shown.


4 letters GGWP


Good service and support.


kinda good prices , poor delivery !

March 05, 2015

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