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NowCDKEY is a new store that sells games for the PS4 and Xbox One platforms. Most of these games are accounts that contain the games, although their use is not restricted by countries. The payment methods offered are PayPal and credit card. The shipping time is instant, although if they do not have stock of the game can take approximately up to 1 hour.

1min. - 1h.

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so bad site for buy games


Hello Alva, i propose to go to the Livechat for solved your problem,

Our team is available for you every days 9:00 12:00 AM

Thank you

September 27, 2019

Stay away from Nowcdkey - Super dodgy!

The process to actually download the software doesn't even work.
They want to you to login with a different user account and password to access a code which is meant to allow you to download your software but then you are meant to continue using the new account details when using the software.
the user account and password failed several times for me. I wasn't able to access the code or even download the software. I asked for my money back and they have refused.

The is a very dodgy way of doing business. I have explained that I'm an unhappy customer and cannot access the code to download the software and asked several times for a refund and they have refused.

Stay away from Nowcdkey!


Keep trying and tell them you are gonna put negative reviews on different sites and then they will. It took me 1 month to get my refund back after multiple emails

August 17, 2019

I have pressed charges against them for fraud and internet theft since they did not deliver, have been online and not responding and I've asked my money back multiple times without answer

January 03, 2020

Whie is this site eaven up the messages wont go thrue anyone wont answer so basically it is a scam


This site is a scam. They claim "24/7 live chat" but it's actually a bot with predetermined questions. I purchased a game and was sent an email confirming my order. The email said "As this product is not available immediately, you will receive your game within a maximum of 24 hours". As soon as I read this alarm bells rang in my head. First this isn't stated anywhere on the product page OR the checkout area before purchasing the game. It is only stated in the Terms and Conditions at the bottom of the page. However there is a second condition that is not stated in their Terms and Conditions, that you have to download a VPN to change your IP address to that of Argentina, change your Steam client region as well (which goes against Steam's Terms and Conditions and may result in a total ban of your Steam account) and add their steam profile as friends ( then apparently they will send you the game as a gift. This all sounds dodgy. If you have purchased a game from them using your credit card then immediately contact your bank and ask them to do a chargeback to reverse the transaction.

November 03, 2019

The same issue as the previous commenters, no game received, been waiting several days.
The support is just a chat bot asking predefined questions.
Never gets a real response.

October 16, 2019

Same here - i bought a steam gift - they ask to change the region via vpn. This ist NOT mentioned in the offer. The chat support is not even there - after 22 hours, the chatbot is guiding you via their vpn "solution" and after that you have to wait and remain in the vpn untill they manually send you the gift. the support is only working till 7 pm CET - a big joke. Spend your money by an honest trader!

MJ Mester
MJ Mester
September 20, 2019
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