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Description & requirements

Buy Zombie cd key for PC in digital version at best price is already possible by Gocdkeys! You can reserve the digitall code for Zombie for Uplay in any of the online shops registered in our price comparison. To activate the download from Uplay, you must add the cd key of Zombie into your user account. Zombie is the adaptation ZombiU, Nintendo Wii U. A great plague has enveloped London in a fog of death, a brutal plague that has turned most of the population into zombies. We are one of the few survivors but the question is, How long can we survive the maze of London streets and underground channels totally infected? ZombiU comes to PC and next generation consoles fully updated. In this new title, we will test our survival skills and in which we must be extremely careful when we move between the challenges of the City of London, as hungry zombies are everywhere. Resources are scarce and your enemies are numerous, and you never know when you'll find more weapons, ammunition, first aid or food. The administrations of scarce resources will determine whether you live or die. When you die, your character is infected and joins the undead horde of London. You become like a totally new character and your main mission will be to retrieve supplies from your previous character. Please carefully read all the information in each of the stores.

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