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The Iron Horde should be exterminated and a fierce enemy, Garrosh Hellscream, has escaped to the past with the help of the dark doorway and aiming to meet Grommash , his father, and the fierce leader of the Warsong Clan . Both succeed in transforming the scattered clans of the orcs of Draenor into a single huge army that will destroy Azeroth . In this new expansion for WoW , our mission is to crush the Iron Horde before completing the Dark Portal and start the war. Travel to Draenor last : a world of giants and monsters world, home to the legendary and fearsome orcs heads of war. Combating the dangers of this world and defeat fierce Iron Horde ... before the past and the future disappear forever . In this new expansion we can ascend directly to level 90 . We improve our favorite hero or create a new one. The battle begins with a team up to face the siege of the Iron Horde. Embark on the integrated action to hone your skills and join the vanguard missions. We can build our own citadel : a personal fortress where host your battle loot, which will be integrated directly into the game world and even we can interact with it, raising its level to recruit more followers who will fight for you and bring the treasures obtained, including epic equipment. The characters are more real than ever thanks to new models and character animations . A new epic adventure awaits in this magnificent universe of World of Warcraft. This collector's edition includes the full game, an art book hardback. A set of two Blu-ray/DVD discs "Between racks" and the soundtrack of the expansion and mousepad Warlords of Draenor. As digital content: Raven Mount terrifying and frightening pet Prole, StarCraft II: Pictures and Pennant Warsong for Diablo III.

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