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Throw yourself into epic tank battles shoulder to shoulder with other steel cowboys to dominate the world with tank supremacy! Whether you prefer to exhaust your foes with fast and manoeuvrable light tanks, punch deep into enemy lines with all-purpose medium tanks, use the power of heavy tanks to eliminate opposing forces, or become a high-powered sniper using long-range artillery, each unit type is extremely lethal and effective when commanded by a true tank ace It takes more than just being a great tank commander to win. In World Of Tanks, it\'s all about teamwork. Victory can only be achieved through the combined efforts of every member of the team, each playing their own role on the battlefield.

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it looks like arma

April 09, 2015
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Mount & Blade/World Of Tanks hybrid Tiger Knight relaunches on Steam

Somehow the original release of Tiger Knight flew completely under my radar I d have expected the blend of historical Chinese warfare familiar siege and mounted combat mechanics and massive-scale PvP warfare v matches each player leading a regiment of up to AI soldiers would have caught my eye but apparently not I even missed the game shutting down last year Thankfully is set to be a year of new beginnings and Chinese publisher NetDragon Websoft have dusted the game off for a second international-geared release via Steam It s a bit patchy but might be worth a look given…

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World of Tanks Update 1.0 Will Be a “True Game Changer”

Wargaming has announced a major new update for World of Tanks will be arriving in March Update Update will bring with it a complete visual makeover powered by an advanced in-house graphics engine Over World of Tanks maps are being redesigned for this update with improvements to water vegetation skies terrain and lighting Wargaming is promising the increased effects quality and fidelity will have no adverse effects on the game s overall performance Update is a true game changer said World of Tanks development director Milos Jerabek Though the spirit of the game remains the same the introduction of the…

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World Of Tanks 2 Is Not Happening

World of Tanks continues to be one of the biggest games on the planet in terms of players According to Wargaming's latest count the game had million players on PC alone Given the immense success of the game over the past seven years you might have expected Wargaming to make a sequel That hasn't happened and it sounds like it's not going to Speaking today at PAX Aus on the GameSpot Theatre stage Wargaming regional publishing director Alex de Giorgio was asked directly if World of Tanks was in the cards World of Tanks No de Giorgio said He added…

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World Of Tanks Finally Adding A Local Server For Australia And New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand are finally getting their own local servers for the massively popular free-to-play tank-battling game World of Tanks Developer Wargaming has announced that the local PC server for both countries will open on November This is good news for players in these regions as they can expect a better experience overall when it comes to network connectivity and matchmaking times Wargaming Australia New Zealand manager Travis Plane said the local server is the number one request that it had from its community in those countries The local World of Tanks server won't be available Instead it will…

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Wargaming to Launch Local World of Tanks Server for Australia, NZ

Wargaming has confirmed it will be launching a local server for Australian and New Zealand World of Tanks players on November The server will commence as a prime time server available between pm to pm AEDT A local server is the number one request from our community and we are finally rolling them out on November from pm am AEDT said Wargaming Australia and New Zealand boss Travis Plane in a statement It s a long time coming but we hope that our players and the community can see that we re truly committed to investing in Australia and New…

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Have You Played… World of Tanks?

Have You Played is an endless stream of game retrospectives One a day every day perhaps for all time In my earliest days of video game reporting I witnessed the absurdity of a tank selling soap Adult robot male and one-time editor of this website Jim Rossingnol thought it would be interesting to our readership if he sent an underprepared junior writer to a tank festival in Dorset England where Belarussian developer Wargaming had set up a dark shack full of computers running their free-to-play warfare game World of Tanks official site Two months later I was in a giant…

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trailers & gameplays

► Super Satisfying T30... When The Boomstick Behaves! - World of Tanks T30 Gameplay

► THE LUCKIEST STRV 103B - 12,500+ Damage! - World of Tanks STRV 103B Gameplay

► IS-7 The Bully, Casual 10K! - World of Tanks IS-7 Gameplay

► Soviet Russia Flagships!- World of Tanks IS-4 and IS-7 Gameplay