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Attention: This version of We Happy Few is exclusive to PS4 and can be available in different formats. The degitial version in account format of We Happy Few may have regional blocking, so we recommend that you pay attention to each store prior to purchase.

This title tells the story of a group of strange characters who try to get as far away from their home town as possible, where they had lived a lie until now. Set in an alternative England of the 60s where society is addicted to antidepressants and does not approve of extravagant characters like our protagonists. The world we will be moving through is generated in a totally random way, so each game will be different. 

It has a "Permanent Death" mode, which makes the difficulty of the game even more difficult, but what should we do in We Happy Few? The first thing to do is to cover our basic needs (hunger, thirst and sleep) in order to survive. We will have to socialize with other members of society, but we will not always agree with some decisions they will make for us, so we will have to use stealth and combat. We will be able to collect recipes, collect objects and make dozens of different weapons, tools and devices for a multitude of uses. 

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news & articles

We Happy Few: Final DLC Is Out Now, And A Making-Of Documentary Is Coming

We Happy Few has released its final piece of downloadable content Its third expansion We All Fall Down is now available on PC PS and Xbox One wrapping up the game's saga It follows on from Lightbearer and They Come from Below and all three pieces of DLC are available as part of the game's season pass We All Fall Down casts players as Victoria Byng who sets out to rid Wellington Wells of Joy saving the people from starvation and addiction We All Fall Down does away with the survival mechanics introduced in the main game and is more…

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We Happy Few comes crashing down in final expansion, We All Fall Down

You can only keep a population subdued by state-enforced drugs and totalitarian policing for so long s Brit-hell adventure We Happy Few received its third and final story DLC today We All Fall Down and it s tearing the whole cheery facade down Everything s quite on fire and new heroine Victoria brings a little bit of Dishonored to the mix with grappling skills that d make and self-respecting Kaldwin proud Merry old Uncle Jack might be feeling the burn but there s still some room to squeeze those last drops of Joy out of Wellington Wells dystopian hell more…

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We Happy Few's Final DLC Releases Next Week

Compulsion Games has announced the next chapter of We Happy Few titled We All Fall Down will launch on PC Xbox One and PS on November We All Fall Down has you play as Victoria Byng the main antagonist of We Happy Few We All Fall Down returns to We Happy Few's dark origins but burns it all down in spectacular fashion publisher Gearbox wrote in a press release Starving like the rest of the people Victoria wrestles with her own withdrawals as the city slides deeper into Joy shortage and disorder Victoria has always helped to keep things proper…

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No, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, We Happy Few Are Not Banned in Australia

Contrary to reports earlier this week Warhorse Studios Kingdom Come Deliverance and Compulsion Games We Happy Few do not appear to have been officially refused classification in Australia IGN has been in contact with the Australian Classification Board and is awaiting more background on the matter but since yesterday the automated International Age Rating Coalition IARC game classification tool generated RC ratings for Kingdom Come Deliverance and We Happy Few have both been amended and now reflect the same R ratings that were earlier applied by the Classification Board itself The recent RC rating for Kingdom Come Deliverance has been…

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How We Happy Few explores the injustice of motherhood

Be warned the following article contains major spoilers for the first and second acts of We Happy Few The first time you encounter Sally Boyle We Happy Few's second playable character it's through the eyes of a man She strikes a dainty figure at the end of an alleyway slick and trim in black latex and white felt a jockey's helmet puckishly screwed down over thickly made-up elvish features Within the game's s British dystopia Sally has become a sex and fashion icon cast in the image of starlets like Edie Sedgwick her apartment decorated with Pop Art prints of…

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We Happy Few DLC Release Date Announced

Gearbox has announced the release date for the first DLC pack for We Happy Few entitled They Came From Below The announcement came during the studio's keynote address at PAX East The first piece of downloadable content will launch on April and cost individually or can be purchased along with the rest of We Happy Few s Season Pass for The first of three additional stories in the WHF world They Came From Below casts players as Roger an NPC appearing in the main game as he and his partner James attempt to survive a robot uprising - though the…

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WE HAPPY FEW Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 - PROLOGUE

WE HAPPY FEW Gameplay Trailer (PS4/Xbox One/PC)

We Happy Few - Part 1 - Have You Had Your Joy? - Let's Play - Gameplay Walkthrough