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Description & requirements

In this title, reminiscent of the Grand Thef Auto series , will be Aiden Pearce , a brilliant hacker and former bully, whose criminal past has led him to a terrible family tragedy. Now, pursuing those who hurt your family , you can hack everything around you , thanks to our knowledge of technology and manipulating network connections in the city. We can access the security cameras are everywhere , download personal information in order to reach our goal , controlling traffic lights to cause havoc in traffic ... and much more. Anything connected to the network can be controlled for our purposes, which makes us a kind of God who controls everything. Watch Dogs takes place in a fully alive city, where our Smartphone will be our main weapon and with which we can monitor in real time all the infrastructure of the city. Catch your enemy manipulating traffic lights. Stop a train and avoid the authorities . Away from your chasers quickly raising a bridge ... Everything that is connected to CTOS system in the city can be your weapon. The new system links solo modes and multiplayer a unique experience , which means no menus , no loading screens, there is only multiplayer action in an open world , competing directly with hackers worldwide . But not only have the phone during our adventures in this vast city, also will have standard weapons and more than 65 vehicles, each with physics to move around the city while we complete our missions.

Comments and reviews

I had a lot of fun with this one. the story was good and the shooting + stealth are a lot of fun. you can hack certain things to help you out like forklift or somthing that can explode.

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news & articles

Space Game Teased in Watch Dogs 2 Reportedly Rebooted Rather Than Canceled

The game codenamed Pioneer a non-violent exploration title from Ubisoft has reportedly been rebooted as a co-op multiplayer shooter Kotaku reports that Pioneer is still in development but the original vision of a non-violent space exploration game has been scrapped Instead it's been re-imagined as a co-op multiplayer alien shooter that is being developed using Rainbow Six's Anvil game engine It will reportedly retain some features of the original Pioneer The mysterious space-themed video game was initially revealed in a side mission in Watchdogs that had players break into an in-game version of Ubisoft s San Francisco offices to find…

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The Sci-Fi Game Ubisoft Teased in Watch Dogs 2 Is Cancelled

The sci-fi game discovered in a secret trailer hidden in Watch Dogs has been canned according to former studio employees Former creative director Alex Hutchinson tweeted out a link to the in-game trailer that was discovered in saying RIP Pioneer Former Ubisoft animator Jonathan Cooper sent out a similar tweet Continue reading…

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The first Watch Dogs comes alive with a modder’s help

Living City draws out the potential in Ubisoft s Chicago Continue reading…

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Far Cry 5’s map editor includes bits from Assassin’s Creed and Watch Dogs

The Far Cry map editor will include bits and pieces from other Ubisoft games Ubi announced today which should let players create places far beyond rural America and the modern day A number of assets from atch Dogs Far Cry the prehistoric Far Cry Primal WAssassin s Creed IV Black Flag the pirate one and Assassin s Creed Unity the French one will be thrown in I m so up for building a Virtuaparis monster truck obstacle course It sounds like Ubisoft are planning to make a real go of player-made maps building around them something they call the Far…

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Far Cry 5 Allows You To Build Crazy Levels With Items From Assassin's Creed And Watch Dogs

Far Cry 's March release date is drawing ever nearer and now publisher Ubisoft has revealed a new mode for the upcoming game Arcade Mode is a versatile level editor that lets you build huge complex arenas and it even includes assets from other Ubisoft titles You can use items from games such as Assassin's Creed Unity Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag Watch Dogs Far Cry and Far Cry Primal as well as Far Cry itself of course At a recent preview event we got to try out a couple of levels made by Ubisoft itself one is a weird…

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Assassin's Creed: Origins Features A Hidden Watch Dogs Crossover

The speculation that Watch Dogs and Assassin's Creed take place in the same universe is essentially a meme at this point After all they're both freerunning-focused open-world stealthy Ubisoft games featuring main characters who obscure their faces in pretty conspicuous ways But in Assassin's Creed Origins Ubisoft gave fans the clearest sign yet that this is more than just speculation Minor spoilers for Assassin's Creed Origins ahead In Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag the CEO of Abstergo Industries is named Olivier Garneau He plays a fairly major role in the modern-day sections before departing for Chicago In the first Watch…

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