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Uncharted Waters Online: Steam Voyagers Limited Edition (PC) Key

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The Steam Voyager’s Limited Edition Pack contains exclusive decorations and equipment, which will help you during your adventure on the high seas! Also in this package are several Additional Registration Long-term Permits, which allow you to create up to three extra characters! This item is exclusive to the Steam version and only available for a limited time and quantity. Steam Voyager’s Limited Edition Pack Includes Special Title: Unlock the exclusive \"STEAM Explorer\" title with this package! Strongbox Short Term Permit: Permit to use special ship\'s hold for 7 days. Guild Card Set: Can change character jobs with an Adventurer\'s Guild Card, a Merchant\'s Guild Card and a Maritime Guild Card. Novice Merchant\'s Items: Assortment of items useful for beginning merchants. Task Navigation Permits: A permit necessary for using Course Navigation. Permit activates on Ports by clicking Course Navigation. You will receive ten (10) permits. Moon god\'s talisman: Enables increase in speed by 50% for 7 days. (Single effect) Add. Registration Long-term Permits: Permit to register additional character slot for 1 year. You will receive twelve (12) 30Days permits. Ducat (Check): 400 million Ducat (In-game currency). You will receive four (4) 100 million checks. To ex

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