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Titanfall is a new IP created by the heads behind Call of Duty. It is a multiplayer shooter that enables you to run, jump and fight on foot or in huge robots in futuristic battle fields. Technologically advanced weapons, jetpacks and giant Mechs are the strengths of this shooter, multiplayer only. The battles are fast and visceral, and our management of the huge Titans and their weapons will be crucial to victory. We can fight as much as a elite assault soldier or as a pilot of heavily armored Titan 7 meters. Of note, the game is completely multiplayer and no single-player campaign, although that subtracts weight because they provide fun and spectacular battles. Get in your Titan and be ready to lay waste to your enemies with deadly fire your cannons.

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i have play Titanfall and after one day i have fans on all server

TheHolm98 March 29, 2015

Es un juego muy entretenido, lo recomiendo!

adriarroyo46 January 14, 2015
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news & articles

Titanfall Dev Respawn Announces Oculus Rift VR Game

Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment announced it's working on an Oculus Rift VR game As detailed on a recent blog post and via a short announcement trailer which you can view below the game is slated for release in and is some sort of a shooter However not much else about the project is currently known including a name Also it's neither Star Wars nor Titanfall-related Director Peter Hirschmann called emotion the most intense part of making a game in VR While you know you re wearing a headset your brain processes VR on an emotional level he said adding it…

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Titanfall Developer Announces "Super Secret" VR Project For Oculus Coming In 2019

As part of the annual Oculus Connect event to showcase advancements in virtual reality Respawn Entertainment developers of the Titanfall franchise announced that it's working on a VR game in partnership with Oculus Very few details on the project itself were shown but we know it's going to be a first-person action game and it's coming sometime in Respawn director Peter Herschmann clearly stated that it is super secret and not related to Titanfall or Star Wars--back in March the company said its third-person Star Wars game is staying under wraps This VR project will be an entirely new franchise…

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Have You Played… Titanfall 2?

Have You Played is an endless stream of game retrospectives One a day every day perhaps for all time Titanfall official site changes little of the parkour-and-mechs formula from the first game but it employs that formula within a singleplayer mode for the first time It s a brilliant level design showcase more…

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Have You Played… Titanfall?

Have You Played is an endless stream of game retrospectives One a day every day perhaps for all time Titanfall official site found ways to marry the hitscan weapons and low time-to-kill combat of military shooters with the kinetic frenetic fighting of Quake and Unreal Tournament Those ways were called parkour and mechs more…

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Titanfall 2 Double XP Event Starts Now

Looking to play Titanfall this weekend or in need of a reason to come back If so you may be happy to know you'll be doubly awarded Respawn Entertainment has announced that the game will offer double XP through September The double XP event is being held to celebrate the recent release of Titanfall 's latest expansion Postcards from the Frontier Celebrate Postcards from the Frontier with double XP in Titanfall now through September pic twitter com ff wHW Sau Titanfall Titanfallgame September Postcards from the Frontier adds new maps and an execution as well a handful of paid cosmetic…

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Another Free Titanfall 2 DLC Pack Coming Next Week

Titanfall has received a lot of free DLC since its launch last year and today Respawn announced the next batch Following a tease yesterday the studio revealed that the Postcards From the Frontier DLC adds new maps and an execution as well a handful of paid cosmetic items As with past DLC packs Postcards From the Frontier is headlined by several new maps Uma is a new arena map made specifically for the Pilot-only Live Fire mode According to Respawn Tight corridors guide combat into three arenas flanked by balconies doorways and windows A large central divider provides cover for…

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trailers & gameplays

TITANFALL 2 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 - Pilot (Campaign)

Titanfall Multiplayer - Xbox One Gameplay LIVESTREAM

Titanfall Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Intro - Campaign Mission 1 (XBOX ONE)

"MY FIRST GAME!" - TITANFALL Beta LIVE w/ Ali-A! #1! - (Titanfall Multiplayer Gameplay)