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Now you can preorder or buy Titanfall 2 cd key for the Origin platform (PC digital version format). This product is a cd key of Titanfall 2 to download directly to your computer from official download platforms, adding into your user account, in this case Origin, the digital code of Titanfall 2 that you´ll receive by email after purchase it. Just over a year EA appeared a game where we could drive huge mechs armed to the teeth in frantic and action-packed multiplayer battles. Now comes the second installment of the IP that loves all fans of shooters. The main novelty of Titanfall 2 with respect to its predecessor, it will come with an extensive and entertaining single-player campaign, which will be a rifleman veteran who has been trapped behind enemy lines, and along with a Titan we´ll find the way home. But without doubt, the highlight of the title are its adrenaline-charged first person multiplayer matches with enormous titans who will destroy anything that gets in his way. New weapons, new skills for pilots, new extras and equipment for our titans, new and destructurs titans, new maps, game modes ... and a lot of new features that will make this new Titanfall a great success. We recommend carefully read each of the versions that sells each store. We recommend carefully read each of the versions that sells each store. If a problem arises, our support will help via our "Contact" tab.

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it'll have single player campaign too.

October 12, 2016
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