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The Surge is a new RPG set in a chaotic future where our character will be equipped with the latest in combat technology, a mechanical exoskeleton that will endow him with incredible skills.

The game will arrive on May 16, 2017 to the market for both PS4 and PC and Xbox One. Remember that depending on the store this product can be in physical version or in digital version.


The game will move us to a future in which Earth is on the verge of collapse. Cities are overpopulated and the proliferation of all kinds of diseases due to pollution are booming. Now an industrial megacorporation is ready to save the world, but its intentions go far more than they appear.

The Surge focuses on the control of an exoskeleton, which will grab certain skills, and melee fighting in the purest Dark Souls style. What's more, their combat system is very similar which implies that in each combat we will dodge and block.

RPG style

As we have said, The Surge is an RPG in which as we advance in history we will increase the capabilities of our exoskeleton. Fighting focuses on melee attacks with a system and mechanics already seen in other games.

As we move forward we will be able to collect materials that we will use to create improvements or weapons with an intuitive and easy crafting system. Like the progression of our character, which we will evolve as we´ll gain experience, which will allow us to improve certain aspects of our suit and enhance certain skills or weapons, and even obtain new cybernetic implants that can considerably increase our strength and speed.

One of the peculiarities of the title is that during the combat we can attack certain parts of our enemy's body with which we can dismember them and make us with their armor parts to improve ours, in the purest cannibal style.