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This edition of The Sims 4: Realm of Magic is a cd key, also known as digital format, and is cheaper than other versions. It can be purchased directly from the ORIGIN shop or from other Internet shops at a better price. That's why from Gocdkeys, we group the cheapest prices and offers for the key cd of the new expansion of the mythical The Sims 4.

We can buy The Sims 4: Realm of Magic from the ORIGIN shop at a price of 29.99€ which will automatically add the game to our "Game Library" and we can start downloading.

Or we can buy The Sims 4: Realm of Magic at other online stores such as G2A, InstantGaming or Kinguin, among many others, at a cheaper price than the official ORIGIN store. These "Unofficial" stores sell activation codes, known as cd keys or Origin Keys. The activation of these digital codes is completely legal and does not pose any risk to users.

Being an EA game, after purchasing it and acquiring the game key, we must activate it in our Origin account. A very simple process is to log in to your Origin account, go to the "My Game Library" section and then click "Add Game" at the top. That's where we'll need to enter the key cd of The Sims 4: Realm of Magic that we'll have received after purchasing in one of the stores listed in Gocdkeys.

Do you like magic? Would you like your Sims to reach another level? Then you'll love this expansion of the Sims 4. With it we can explore the quiet city of Glimmerbrook and discover its mysterious and magical secrets. We can learn all kinds of magic spells, prepare potions and even compete against other spellcasters.

Comments and reviews

This looks a great addition to the Sims 4, particularly for those who want more occults in their game! The map looks really nice, and the spells really fun.

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The Sims 4: Realm Of Magic is out now on PC

A few months ago I put The Sims back into my gaming rotation in anticipation for the new Realm Of Magic DLC If you follow my Twitter account at all you might have noticed my predaliction for making Sims based off of s sitcom stars then forcing them down a lucretive career path of non-stop professional gaming Many die in the process Jerry Seinfeld died in a house fire one morning after trying to make a grilled cheese sandwich in between streaming sessions His son George Costanza doesn t make it either A casualty of electrocution-while-fixing-a-laptop George had taken over…

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The Sims 4: Realm of Magic

Welcome to Glimmerbrook It's a quiet town Family homes Places to hang out A dense wooded area with a mysterious pathway Wait what is back there Simmer Where could this not-so-secret secret trail possibly lead Well if your Sim has any bit of adventure in their personality they'll want to know And what they'll discover is a world unlike any other in The Sims First a quick warning Once your Sim goes through that portal door they won't be able to un-see this enchanted world And they certainly won't want to leave without learning a few spells Gettin' Crafty Speaking…

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Playing Realm of Magic, yes.



The Sims 4™ Realm of Magic: Official Gameplay