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The Fifth Day is a survival action game that takes us to a post-apocalyptic time after the extinction of the human race. We will explore, build, and research in an open and freely world, where survival is our main goal. It is possible to play competitive online mode, or lonely in the free play mode. We can explore dense forests, prevent radioactive waste, and investigate the abandoned cities hoping to find resources and materials to help us survive. This title offers a competitive online mode, where we can play alone or with a partner through a series of five days. We can develop the skills and abilities of our character . The Fifth Day also gives us the ability to build anything, from small wood camps to reinforced bunkers with automated defenses to protect us from the enemy. Another game of survival with certain characteristics that differentiate it from the rest of its kind.


very nice game)))

October 15, 2015

i realy want this game is awesume

October 20, 2014