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The Elder Scrolls series is online . The majestic and vast universe of Bethesda, all races, their play style and gameplay , their locations ... all that did great this franchise can now be played in MMORPG format, enabling us to explore all the created world by Bethesda and discover all its secrets, alone or in the company of our friends. Is the latest release of the acclaimed series and will take the legendary experience to internet for the first time . We can choose our own style of play as we move into the vast world of Tamriel in this epic adventure , whether playing solo missions or joining hundreds of other players in massive PvP battles to save the Empire. Like any good MMO , it has both PVE as PVP , so fighting against dozens of players will also be possible . Many classes to choose from , lots of weapons and equipment, hundreds of quests at our disposal and a stunning world in front us. A whole new experience worthy of the series The Elder Scrolls . The physical release of The Elder Scrolls Online Imperial Edition includes : Statue of Molag Bal : A statue of Molag Bal 30.5 cm , Daedric Prince of domination and slavery. The Emperor's Guide to Improved Tamriel : An illustrated 224 pages written by the imperial scholar Flaccus Terentius guide . Map of Tamriel : A printed map of 53.3 cm x 66 cm detailing the areas controlled by the alliances and the latest conquest : Cyrodiil . Metal box : A limited edition box decorated with the imperial colors. As digital content: You will have the option as an imperial. Playing games : become an imperial and play in any alliance . Get unique bonuses , craft styles , equipment and more. Imperial White Horse: invokes this imperial saddle and quickly scroll through Tamriel . Vanity Pet Mudcrab : explore Tamriel accompanied this pet mud crab . Rings of Mara : Mara complete the ritual with a friend and receive bonus experience when play together.

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Very nice Game

January 07, 2016
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