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Description & requirements

A brutal virus has wiped out almost the entire population of the city of New York. The food , water and basic resources become scarce, so society collapses into chaos and goes to war over control of these resources. At this point is where the organization known as The Division , who is a secret agent tactical unit capable of operating independently, takes action . Its aim will be to safeguard what remains of society and avoid self-destruction and chaos that has engulfed it. When society collapses, begins his mission. Our mission will take place in the city of New York, where the company begins to behave in a very dangerous way . As an agent of the Division, we restore order , collaborating with other agents in order to restore peace . The Division is an RPG in an open and free world, where we have constant contact with the other players , plus we use our abilities , weapons and wit in the combat , since it has certain strategic character .

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news & articles

Play The Division For Free This Weekend: PS4, Xbox One, PC

If you're in the mood to play something new this weekend and you've been wondering if Tom Clancy's The Division is the loot shooter for you you're in luck Ubisoft has made The Division free to play all weekend long on PS Xbox One and PC PS players with a PlayStation Plus account can download the game here by clicking Try the free demo Similarly Xbox One owners will need an Xbox Live Gold membership to take part they can grab the free trial here The only thing PC players need to play The Division for free is a Uplay…

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5 Things We Learned About The Division 2

With the gameplay of The Division already on display a couple of months ago at E the team at The Division developer Massive Entertainment took a different tack for its behind closed doors demo at this year s Gamescom I was given a deep dive into the lengths that Massive is going to in order to present a compelling and authentic open-world to players and here are five big takeaways It seems like an obvious choice that a game about an ongoing civil war in the United States would take place in the nation s capital but Washington D C…

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Tom Clancy's The Division 2 Release Date And Pre-Order Guide For PS4, Xbox One

With 's The Division Ubisoft created a loot-based shooter set in a post-apocalyptic version of New York City Development continued well after launch with frequent updates and new modes improving the game continuously But The Division didn't turn out to be an ongoing platform that would continue indefinitely Tom Clancy's The Division will launch on March for PS Xbox One and PC This time the game will be set in Washington D C as the containment in Manhattan didn't work It's bigger than the original title and focusing on moving forward by learning from its mistakes The team also announced…

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The Division 2 Collector's Editions Unveiled

Ubisoft has announced that Tom Clancy's The Division is getting Standard Gold Digital Ultimate and two Collector's editions all available for pre-order now Those who pre-order the game regardless of edition will gain access to the game's Private Beta the dates for which have not yet been announced and the Capitol Defender Pack This pack includes two in-game items The Lullaby SPAS- shotgun and the Hazmat outfit The Standard Edition of the game is just that the game itself with the aforementioned pre-order bonuses The Gold Edition includes three-day early access to the game starting on March It also includes…

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Earn Division 2 Rewards By Playing The Division Now

Ubisoft is preparing to launch The Division even as the original The Division still enjoys a relatively active player base thanks to a steady stream of content updates and quality-of-life tweaks To tempt players back and perhaps to ease the transition into the sequel the company is offering some free goodies as well as limited-time access to older expansions Shields are special commendations that are granted for fulfilling specific mission objections Every Shield you unlock will grant you rewards in The Division including Phoenix Credits three Cypher keys one exotic weapon a patch with the Shield icon and more But…

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You can solo run The Division 2 from start to finish

Tom Clancy s The Division is not a political game We ve heard this from Ubisoft who insists that their title about an uprising set in Washington D C will avoid being political No politics in Washington D C and that s final Sorry I guess all of my coverage of the game needs to start with me shaking this scaldingly mild take off like a wet dog covered in bad takes Like Tom Clancy s The Division Origins Part The First there is a big giant city out there to conquer and the emphasis is on group play and…

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trailers & gameplays

THE DIVISION 2 - NEW Gameplay Demo (PAX West 2018)

THE DIVISION 2 - 24 Minutes of Gameplay So Far (PS4 XBOX ONE PC) Division 2 Gameplay Trailers

The Division | New Character ( level 1 - 4 ) | Full Gameplay | Part #1

The Division 2: 4K Gameplay + Endgame, Map Size & TONS OF NEW INFO