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Description & requirements

We are in the city of New York, now devastated and ravaged by a terrible disease that has left unpopulated. After the cataclysm, when food and supplies are scarce, society collapses into chaos. Then an organization called The Division takes action, and its goal is to rescue the rest of society from chaos. When society collapses, begins his mission. As an agent of the Division, our task will be to restore order, collaborating with other agents to restore peace and order in New York. An RPG in a world where we open and constant contact with the other players, plus we use our skills, weapons and wit in the combat, since it has certain strategic character.

Comments and reviews

i want play this shooter sooo much !

February 16, 2017

It's a great game. After 1.8 patch, it's become really enjoyable. Resistance mode really gives the game much harder and needed PvE content .

December 30, 2017

Genial shooter en 3ra persona, cuiden sus espaldas en la dark zone, no confien en nadie :P

April 21, 2016
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news & articles

New The Division 2 PvP Details Announced, Including How The Dark Zones Work

Ubisoft has announced how PvP play will look in The Division There will be two forms of PvP multiplayer in the game--the first of which takes place in the game's Dark Zones Similar to its predecessor's Dark Zone The Division 's three Dark Zones--of which there is an east south and west--are PvEvP areas where you can choose to take action against other players In a blog post Ubisoft explained how it has changed the way players will perceive you if you perform aggressive actions against others There are three statuses you can hold if you attack other players in…

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The Division 2’s Dark Zones offer a fairer chance at PvP rewards

Most of Tom Clancy s The Division might be friendly and cooperative but the lawless Dark Zones are returning in the sequel giving players a chance to fight each other over some of the game s best loot It s not quite as cutthroat as it used to be thankfully thanks to Ubisoft Massive protecting starting areas with automated turrets and player stats being normalised for a fairer competition most of the time There are also three Dark Zones each one emphasising a different style of play long mid or short range combat respectively Take a look at how it…

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The Division 2: Dark Zones and PVP Detailed

Ubisoft has detailed how Dark Zones and PvP will work in The Division Announced through Ubisoft s official website the Dark Zone is back - except this time there are three distinct Dark Zones In them players will begin hunting enemy factions in unique neighborhoods of Washington DC However players can go rogue and turn on their teammates in order to secure some powerful loot should they choose to do so You can go rogue by breaking into locked chests or stealing the entirety of a Dark Zone drop though this will reveal an indicator to former teammates that you…

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7 Important Changes Coming to The Division 2

I played a lot of The Division when it came out Going by its record-breaking sales numbers you probably did too I got close to level cap spent a bunch of time in the Dark Zone getting screwed over and occasionally screwing over others and had a brilliant time Then I stopped and never went back The Division was a huge success for Ubisoft it broke a company sales record but that drop-off is something the sequel wants to address Its developer Massive Entertainment wants more people to be playing The Division for longer and to achieve that the team…

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The Division 2 is ringing in some big changes for The Dark Zone

The Dark Zone was easily the most memorable thing about Tom Clancy's The Division when it launched in Never knowing whether another squad of agents was going to leave you to enjoy your hard-earned PvE loot or kill you and take it for themselves was a constant source of tension - something no multiplayer game has quite managed to recreate since So it's no surprise that Ubisoft Massive is doubling down on the Dark Zone for The Division - or perhaps that should be tripling down because the game's recreation of Washington D C comes complete with a trio of…

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The Division 2's Dark Zones Are More Welcoming, But Will Make You More Devious

One of The Division's most notable achievements in was its rather unorthodox approach to PvP gameplay Within the center of post-outbreak Manhattan was the Dark Zone an isolated untamed space where you could engage in timed events small skirmishes and even backstabbing temporary allies With The Division Ubisoft has some interesting plans for expanding the Dark Zone concept most of which will have you rethinking how you'll tackle the infamous no man's land We recently played several hours of the upgraded multiplayer mode designed by original Rainbow Six developer Red Storm Entertainment In the first game the Dark Zone incorporated…

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trailers & gameplays

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