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Description & requirements

We are in the city of New York, now devastated and ravaged by a terrible disease that has left unpopulated. After the cataclysm, when food and supplies are scarce, society collapses into chaos. Then an organization called The Division takes action, and its goal is to rescue the rest of society from chaos. When society collapses, begins his mission. As an agent of the Division, our task will be to restore order, collaborating with other agents to restore peace and order in New York. An RPG in a world where we open and constant contact with the other players, plus we use our skills, weapons and wit in the combat, since it has certain strategic character.

Comments and reviews

i want play this shooter sooo much !

February 16, 2017

It's a great game. After 1.8 patch, it's become really enjoyable. Resistance mode really gives the game much harder and needed PvE content .

December 30, 2017

Genial shooter en 3ra persona, cuiden sus espaldas en la dark zone, no confien en nadie :P

April 21, 2016
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Earn Division 2 Rewards By Playing The Division Now

Ubisoft is preparing to launch The Division even as the original The Division still enjoys a relatively active player base thanks to a steady stream of content updates and quality-of-life tweaks To tempt players back and perhaps to ease the transition into the sequel the company is offering some free goodies as well as limited-time access to older expansions Shields are special commendations that are granted for fulfilling specific mission objections Every Shield you unlock will grant you rewards in The Division including Phoenix Credits three Cypher keys one exotic weapon a patch with the Shield icon and more But…

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You can solo run The Division 2 from start to finish

Tom Clancy s The Division is not a political game We ve heard this from Ubisoft who insists that their title about an uprising set in Washington D C will avoid being political No politics in Washington D C and that s final Sorry I guess all of my coverage of the game needs to start with me shaking this scaldingly mild take off like a wet dog covered in bad takes Like Tom Clancy s The Division Origins Part The First there is a big giant city out there to conquer and the emphasis is on group play and…

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The Division 2 is a sunny but familiar run ā€˜nā€™ gun

It seems like more of the same To say this of Tom Clancy s The Division might make you fire your rifle into the air and shout yeehaw but it s more likely to make you shrug Ubisoft sequel marginally different from previous game is not exactly a surprising headline I ll admit but it s all I ve got based on the minutes of footwork and firefights I played through as a demo The wintry warfare of The Division s New York kept me idly satisfied even with its plateaus of grind and spongey enemies We re now sojourning…

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The Division 2: everything we know, release date, trailers

Tom Clancy s The Division showing at E was uncommonly detailed We saw more of the game s Washington DC setting we were given details of the new high-level classes and introduced to the brand new raids Below you ll find everything you need to know about the game plus any news of its announced release date and what players can expect based from the various trailers more…

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OK, The Division 2ā€™s E3 booth was pretty slick

Visitors got to play president but remember it s not a political game Continue reading…

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E3 2018: Ubisoft Conference Trailers -- Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Beyond Good and Evil 2, The Division 2

Ubisoft announced a lot of sequels to some of their most beloved franchises during the company's E conference The largest standout was the first official look at Assassin's Creed Odyssey But Ubisoft also showcased new trailers for Beyond Good and Evil The Division and Trials Rising It wasn't all sequels though For Honor got a trailer for its new expansion Marching Fire and Mario Rabbids Kingdom Battle revealed new characters enemies and bosses in a trailer for the game's Donkey Kong Adventure DLC On top of that Ubisoft released trailers for two new games and revealed that one of their…

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