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New action and drivinggame revolutionary, heir to the Need for Speed ??franchise but with aditions, and developed exclusively for next-generation consoles and PC , which takes advantage of new hardware capabilities to connect online gamers like never before. In The Crew will enjoy a huge open world recreation of the United States , full of exciting challenges that unfold our full potential at the wheel of our cars. We will embark on a relentless to infiltrate and overtake the 510S , one of the most dangerous street racing gangs. Participate in races and our mission is to sabotage their activities in every city of United States. Through the bustling streets of New York City and Los Angeles, in the sunny Miami Beach and see the spectacular mesas of Monument Valley. Each town has its own set of surprises and unique challenges driving, and all orchestrated by an impressive graphics engine that will squeeze the power of our consoles .

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The Crew 2 adds hovercraft and shifts gears for a free weekend and sale

Cars are rubbish what with their tires and grip and unfortunate habit of sinking in water hovercraft are clearly better and ready to ride today in Ubisoft s sandbox drive em up The Crew In the Gator Rush free expansion out now Ubisoft have added three kinds of hovercraft and a new set of events to drive them in wherever land meets water Ubi also hope to get a few more people in the drivers seat over this weekend with a -off sale right now and a free weekend starting tomorrow morning available for preloading now more…

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Daily Deals: The Crew 2 for $35, Dell G5 Laptop for $799, Metro Exodus Preorder

Welcome to IGN's Daily Deals your source for the best deals on the stuff you actually want to buy If you buy something through this post IGN may get a share of the sale For more read our Terms of Use Like me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter to get the latest deals Continue reading…

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Trying, and failing, to find the multiplayer in The Crew 2

My plan was to tell you all about The Crew s multiplayer Last week I reviewed it as a single-player game because the servers had yet to be populated and indeed because I at no point encountered any option to actually take part in any Despite being an always on game that immediately disconnects you from playing should your internet connection drop and logs you out if you have the temerity to go downstairs to get a coffee it just didn t seem to want me to find its multiplayer elements I think I found them more…

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Top 10 UK Games Chart: Crash Bandicoot Beats The Crew 2 In Debut Week

Crash Bandicoot's N Sane Trilogy launched on Xbox One Nintendo Switch and PC just recently and those versions have gone straight to No in the UK physical sales charts ahead of The Crew which launched the same day June Ubisoft's open-world racer debuts at No with FIFA continuing to enjoy a football-filled summer at No Last week's No Mario Tennis Aces slips to No for the week ending June In addition retailer promotions mean there's jumps for a few titles Star Wars Battlefront II and Destiny re-enter the top at No and No respectively while Middle-earth Shadow of War rises…

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The Crew 2 is out now, but unplayable on Steam

Ubisoft s open-world online drive-o-fly-a-boaty racer The Crew launched in the wee hours and a great many people cannot play it at all The Steam version is currently busted as attempts to launch the game lead to Ubisoft s Uplay client popping open so far as expected then demanding a CD key which people don t have Ubisoft acknowledge the problem and say we hope to have this resolved soon but oh dear more…

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The Crew 2 Review

In a lot of ways The Crew feels more like a reboot of the first game than it does a simple sequel The dramatic shift in tone is perhaps the key reason for this though the fact that it s taken a second swing at recreating the entire continental USA for the setting is another I welcome the lighter approach to the campaign mode and the fun mix of new vehicle types and racing disciplines here but it s still a little rough around the edges and missing some surprising features A large amount of content has been added to…

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WE FOUND BIG ISLAND! - RAFT with The Crew! #1

Forza HUGE Update Recap! 3 NEW Mustangs/Drift Adventures/Real Head Motion/FFB Tuning