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Description & requirements

The Crew is the next Ubisoft title to take full advantage of next-generation consoles and high-end computers. With stunning graphics, The Crew will put us in the role of a driver of illegal races in a completely open world where players compete with everyone in challenges and races. The main feature of the title, is that all the action takes place in an open world recreation of the United States. Maneuver through the bustling streets of New York City and Los Angeles, or destroy speed records for sunny Miami Beach or through the spectacular Mountain Valley. Each town has its own set of surprises and challenges. An extensive system allows us to collect pieces and performance cars like never before, so that we can define our own style and driving preferences.

Comments and reviews

+ Storyline is ok.
+ Massive open world.
+ A lot challenges (skills) on the road.
+ Graphics improvement after the Wild Run patch.

- Lack of customization.
- DUMB, ANNOYING physics & AI (If you blow at racing games, surely I can bet that the AI can smash you so hard).
- Buggy Netcode, sometimes.


probare este juego tiene muy muy buena pinta!!!

kroxirex January 16, 2015

Wow! great game! I really want to play it - just got my PC controller - so excited :)

Mirrordragon December 24, 2014

the crew is great game

yusuf2000 December 23, 2014

I'll try this racing game. Hope it's good.

Shkmaru December 23, 2014

looks cool! want to try it

kovacs December 23, 2014

cool game have played the beta!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris2888 December 22, 2014

tengo ganas de jugar este juego

dpcsport December 21, 2014

good luck peeps :)

Maraz December 20, 2014

Run car race... ok Is the best

andrea25 December 20, 2014
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Have You Played… The Crew?

Have You Played is an endless stream of game retrospectives One a day every day perhaps for all time The Crew official site isn t a great racing game The car handling of this open world MMO racer isn t great there s UI vomited at you from every corner of the screen and it launched with so many problems that we never actually gave it a full review It annoyed John a lot But Ubisoft have this thing they do Step Release a mediocre game Step Make one hundred sequels of it Thus The Crew more…

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GTA 5 Takes The Crew 2's Coolest Feature, Adds A Version Of It For Free This Fall

Alongside news of Grand Theft Auto V's next big expansion Rockstar has also previewed some of the other new content on the way to GTA Online over the remainder of the year Among those additions is a new type of race that includes the defining feature of Ubisoft's upcoming game The Crew Having already gone silly with over-the-top Stunt Racing events Transform Races will be the next mode to defy the game's reality When passing through strategically placed checkpoints along a given race's course your vehicle's class will change depending on what the next area consists of That doesn't just…

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5 Reasons The Crew 2 Could Be Paradise for Racing Fans

At Gamescom I got my first hands-on with The Crew the upcoming sequel to Ubisoft s open world racing game that s bringing air and sea-based vehicles to its already impressive line-up of autos The short demo consisted of some free roaming in and around Manhattan Island as well as a first look at the motocross drift and grand prix race modes While it was only a few select slices from what is clearly a multi-tiered tower of automotive cake it was enough to get me excited for what developer Ivory Tower has in store Here are five reasons The…

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The Crew 2 Release Date, Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed

As part of Gamescom Ubisoft today announced the release date and pre-order bonuses for racing game sequel The Crew Starting with the release date the open-world title comes to Xbox One PlayStation and PC on March You may not have to wait that long to play however as a beta is coming up ahead of launch You can register for the beta on The Crew 's website here In The Crew you can drive around an open-world USA that has been completely reshaped for motorsports It's not just cars that you can drive in the game as there are also…

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The Crew 2 Release Date, Pre-order Bonuses Announced

The Crew will be released on March for Xbox One PS and PC Ubisoft's announcement comes alongside a new trailer that showcases the game's Fast Fav feature intended to allow you to jump seamlessly between your favorite vehicles land sea or air as you travel through the game picking up challenges In addition Ubisoft provided some details on the various pre-order bonuses for the game Those who pre-order The Crew receive the Legendary Motors Pack including the Mercedes-AMG Touring Car and the Harley-Davidson Iron In addition pre-ordering the Deluxe Edition priced at also bags you the Motorsports Deluxe Pack which…

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The Crew 2 drives, sails, and flies to March 16

Open-world racing game The Crew official site will whoosh out on March th Ubisoft announced today during Gamescom The sequel will return to a miniature version of the USA but this time with so many more vehicles Along with the usual assortment of cars it ll pack planes boats and motorcycles from sports bikes to several actual Harley-Davidsons I m more a wanderer than a racer so getting to explore from new angles really appeals to me especially the network of semi-fictional waterways which somehow span the entire country For now hey look it s the game s Gamescom trailer…

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trailers & gameplays

TROLLING JASON! - Friday the 13th Game with The Crew!

CS:GO - THE ONE TAPS! (Full Competitive Gameplay)

The BEST of Friday the 13th Game! (Funny Moments with The Crew!)

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