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The Amazing Spiderman is the brilliant game that follows on directly after the events that unfold in the 2012 motion picture of the same name. This game is developed by Beenox, the same developers who brought you the previous games - Spiderman: Shattered Dreams, and Spiderman: Edge Of Time. The plot revolves around our favourite web aficionado Spiderman, for whom there is always danger awaiting in his beloved Manhattan, and of course there\'s a particular trouble afoot. An Oscorp executive with the help of Michael Morbius (a human afflicted with vampiric powers after a science experiment gone awry) gain access to the research of Dr. Curt Connors (otherwise known as the Lizard); research that depicts how to create a hybrid of a man and a rhinoceros.

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good for kids !
its fun for children

April 09, 2015
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news & articles

The Amazing Spider-Man #791 Review

As refreshing as it is to have Peter Parker back to being the designated sad sack hero of the Marvel Universe it hasn't been clear whether Marvel Legacy will allow the character to keep growing and evolving even as he reverts to a more traditional status quo Issue offers a closer glimpse of how Peter's new career will play out The good news is that there does indeed appear to be room for new and different stories even as Peter transitions from industrial tycoon back to Daily Bugle employee While writer Dan Slott and artist Stuart Immonen do direct a…

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The Amazing Spider-Man #790 Review

Thanks to Marvel legacy Spider-Man is about as close to his classic status quo as we've seen since Dan Slott first took over as solo Amazing Spider-Man writer in Peter Parker is back to being broke unlucky and hated by everyone around him This back to basics approach is both refreshing and a little worrisome Two issues into The Fall of Parker it's unclear where exactly Slott is headed with this new story direction This issue is most successful when it comes to exploring Peter's miserable new lot in life There's a clever subversion of the usual Peter Spidey dynamic…

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The Amazing Spider-Man #789 Review

By my count Amazing Spider-Man marks the sixth time writer Dan Slott has ushered in a bold new status quo for Spider-Man since beginning his long run way back in 's Amazing Spider-Man Once again Peter Parker is moving forward from a major hardship and trying to find his place in the Marvel Universe again There's a certain sense of diminishing returns to the series at this point as the new status quo feels a bit too similar to the Brand New Day relaunch in many respects Still as long as Slott and artist Stuart Immonen remain on board fans…

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The Amazing Spider-Man #31 Review

A superhero event comic isn't judged simply based on the quality of the mini-series itself but how it impacts the many ongoing series that tie into it That's one reason we'll likely look back fondly on Secret Empire This crossover has been a boon to several ongoing Marvel books with both Deadpool and Amazing Spider-Man making the most of the new status quo and delivering what may well be the best stories since the current volumes began And thankfully ASM sticks the landing with an enjoyable and very dramatic conclusion to the feud between Spidey and the Superior Octopus In…

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The Amazing Spider-Man #29 Review

Dan Slott has written a lot of Spider-Man comics to put it mildly And while he's drawn in pretty much every major villain supporting character during the course of his long run the high point of that saga is and probably always will be Superior Spider-Man Otto Octavius' brief tenure as Spider-Man made for compelling reading and it's a story that has continued to unfold now that Otto has cheated his own death and been reborn as the Superior Octopus So the appeal with Slott's latest Amazing Spider-Man arc is less its status as a Secret Empire tie-in and more…

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