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The Amazing Spiderman is the brilliant game that follows on directly after the events that unfold in the 2012 motion picture of the same name. This game is developed by Beenox, the same developers who brought you the previous games - Spiderman: Shattered Dreams, and Spiderman: Edge Of Time. The plot revolves around our favourite web aficionado Spiderman, for whom there is always danger awaiting in his beloved Manhattan, and of course there\'s a particular trouble afoot. An Oscorp executive with the help of Michael Morbius (a human afflicted with vampiric powers after a science experiment gone awry) gain access to the research of Dr. Curt Connors (otherwise known as the Lizard); research that depicts how to create a hybrid of a man and a rhinoceros.

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good for kids !
its fun for children

April 09, 2015
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news & articles

The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #42 Review

One of the drawbacks to Dan Slott's decision to cap off his Amazing Spider-Man run at issue is that he won't have much of an opportunity to explore Peter's new status quo as science editor at the Daily Bugle Consider this annual issue an attempt to address that problem It doesn't stand out as much as some of Slott's recent stories but it does allow fans to spend a little more time with the Daily Bugle crew and a few long-time villains Slott's story builds on the aftermath of The Clone Conspiracy not necessarily a point in its favor as…

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The Amazing Spider-Man #795 Review

Dan Slott has been flying solo on Amazing Spider-Man for the better part of a decade now and that doesn't even count his many contributions during the series' Brand New Day era But even after all that time and with Slott's Spider-Man saga so close to the end I still find myself wishing we could get more The drawback to this current Threat Level Red story arc is that Slott and co-writer Christos Gage are telling entertaining stories that could be that much better with a little more space to breathe The good news is that issue doesn't suffer as…

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The Amazing Spider-Man #794 Review

It's hard to believe we're a few measly months away from the end of Dan Slott's Spider-Man saga At this point there's room for little more than putting the house in order before Slott kicks off his last and potentially biggest story arc Go Down Swinging Amazing Spider-Man tackles a loose thread from earlier in the series in a fun way but it does seem to suffer from the one-and-done approach Back in issue of the current volume Spidey wrapped up his fight with Scorpio by trapping the villain in Limbo for a year The idea being that Scorpio's newfound…

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Dan Slott to leave The Amazing Spider-Man after 10 years

The writer will move to Iron Man Continue reading…

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The Amazing Spider-Man #792 Review

After so many years of writing Amazing Spider-Man you'd think Dan Slott would have completely run out of new angles on Peter Parker by now But somehow that never seems to be the case Even in a crossover that's geared heavily toward overhauling Venom's status quo in Marvel Legacy the most fascinating element in Venom Inc is how Slott and co-writer Mike Costa are handling Spider-Man himself This second chapter of the crossover devotes most of its attention to the Spidey Flash Thompson dynamic one that's just been changed in a big way now that Flash has become the new…

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The Amazing Spider-Man #791 Review

As refreshing as it is to have Peter Parker back to being the designated sad sack hero of the Marvel Universe it hasn't been clear whether Marvel Legacy will allow the character to keep growing and evolving even as he reverts to a more traditional status quo Issue offers a closer glimpse of how Peter's new career will play out The good news is that there does indeed appear to be room for new and different stories even as Peter transitions from industrial tycoon back to Daily Bugle employee While writer Dan Slott and artist Stuart Immonen do direct a…

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