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Stronghold Crusader 2 is the sequel to a great series of strategy and with years of experience behind them. After 12 years since the beginning of the Stronghold franchise, we now present the next installment where we will control strengths of the deserts of the Middle East around the year 1189, all with a new 3D engine and a stunning improvement in physical, with the ability to destroy the castles in real time by Havok physics engine. Stronghold Crusader 2 keep the game fast paced and perfect simulation of an authentic medieval castle. True to its roots, this new installment will combine to perfection the real-time strategy and management of the castles.

Comments and reviews

Great stategy game
eaventhoug its old its still good to play it with friends.
The whole series is a great example for strategy game.
must have

October 11, 2017

The Good:
-Game is functional and has little completely FUBARness like wolves climbing ladders.

The Bad:
-AI cheats up the wazoo, but is not actually more challenging
-The graphics. The game only barely looks better than Stronghold 2, a game released in 2004.
-Random events negatively impact your popularity. Who honestly thought this was a good idea?
-No real innovation.
-No collision detection in an RTS. As a result, melee fights degenerate into blobs of stacked units flailing about.
-The UI. Why whoever designed the UI chose to ignore the perfectly sensible UI seen in the first two games and decide that the best solution would be spread all relevant information to the far corners of the screen is anyone's guess.
-The game is missing quite a few things from the first (Siege Towers, etc.).