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Description & requirements

Attention: State of Decay 2 in its digital version has Xbox Play Anywhere functionality, so it is possible to play it both on Xbox One and PC with Windows 10. Remember that Xbox Play Anywhere functionality is only active with digital versions of games, so be sure to read the information in each store before you buy it.

From Gocdkeys, the label "Xbox One/PC Win. 10" will indicate that this version has Xbox Play Anywhere functionality. 

State of Decay 2 is a survival game set in a zombie apocalypse. We will control a group of survivors determined to survive at all costs and we will be able to improve as we win matches and advance the adventure. We will be able to improve your combat and perception skills, gather resources to create ever more powerful weapons, and many more actions. 

We will be able to create our own base of operations and provide it with different resources and staff. We can also decide which survivors to put at risk by sending them on bold raids for food and ammunition. ca. As you play, the open world of sandboxes responds to your decisions, developing you in real time and offering you new opportunities to demonstrate your own personal survival priorities.

As expected, we will also have the Cooperative multiplayer option, which allows you to invite up to three players to visit your community and help you complete your goals.

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