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Description & requirements

Star Wars Battlefront 2 has already been announced for November 2017, and although there is not much information yet, we can say that it will incorporate a lot of new content with respect to the first delivery of Battlefront, which is not very difficult since this first delivery doesn´t have campaign for a single player.

So get ready to fight against the forces of the empire with your lightsaber, embody a rebellion soldiers against the fearsome walkers and even be a starfighter pilot and fight in huge battles in space.

We can attack the rebellious base in Yavin 4, feel like never before the AT-ST's firepower, fly a wing X vs a gigantic Star Destroyer and even embody a new hero alien to any movie of the saga and get to become a imperial elite soldier.

New Releases Star Wars Battlefront 2

For the moment, the most important novelty is that this second installment will not focus on a specific period of the saga, but we can live the adventures of all the heroes who have passed through this franchise without being listed in a specific chapter of the history.

Another highlight is the incorporation of the emotive and fascinating single player campaign that will focus on a period of 30 years of history. In the multiplayer aspect, the novelties will focus on fast and furious galactic battles, where we will be able to pilot an enormous amount of starfighters typical of the films.

Within this mode, in addition to being able to create our unique character, and even select a specific class, we can also customize it with an extensive amount of skills and elements.

The multiplayer games will return to huge battlefields, up to 40 players who will play soldiers of any era of the saga along with a huge variety of land and air vehicles.

Another novelty is that now we will also have a solitary online mode where we can win rewards of all kinds, increase the power of our soldier with obtaining new weapons, among other things, then take it to multiplayer matches against other players to perfect our combat skills.

Comments and reviews

Waiting for this game, looks amazing and even better that Star Wars Battlefront 1, I hope they don't mess up with this game, because Star Wars Battlefront games are incredible

August 04, 2017
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